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Recent content by Swabere

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    Fremen - Synthpads & drones pack

    OMG I am loving these. I am having a Gilmore out of body experience! My Strat never sounded so good! I will be purchasing the Amp bundle next!
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    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    I am so excited about this unit! Great for a backup to the axe 3 for gigs and nice and compact for rehearsals.
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    Opinion - Flat v. Angled Pedalboard for FC-12?

    My Pedaltrain Jr is perfect for my FC6 and Mission Pedal while standing, but feels a little weird sitting (mainly expression pedal)
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    Can an exp pedal change scene?

    I will,thank you
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    Can't setup Mission SP-1 with FC6

    I still have problems with the Sp-1 toe switch as well. I have it setup to increase scene by +1 and randomly it will just start scrolling. It will even happen when I’m not using the system. I’ll leave the room with everything plugged in and come back an hour later with it scrolling after it...
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    Can an exp pedal change scene?

    Switch 1/2 on the F6
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    Can an exp pedal change scene?

    I bought a Mission SP-1 with a toe switch to accomplish this. It is acting weird though. I can play for hours nd it is fine and then out of nowhere it starts scrolling through scenes super fast.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.00 Beta #2

    Something that just started with this new Beta is when I have my Mission SP-1 plugged into the FC6 the software acts like I am hitting the button over and over very quickly. It could be something on my end, but everything is firmly attached to a pedalboard and hasn't moved from its spot since I...
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    Wound up going with FC6 over the 12 and am pleasantly surprised

    I love it too! Simple and perfect for my needs. I can’t imagine needing the 12 now.
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    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here!

    Everything I need! I may add a Preset -1 in there, but I am always close to my Axe 3 if I have to go back I love having the extra switch in the Mission Pedal so I can go into solo and Wah without tapdancing. I really only use 3 scenes so I make scene 4 the sound coming after the solo. Every...
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    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    The game begins... Today is the day UPS delivers my FC6. They have narrowed the time from 9:30 to 1:30pm. I have setup my work computer in front of my kitchen window so I get the best coverage to outside. My UPS driver also has a side gig as a ninja. I can't listen for the truck because...
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    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    This is good to hear. I only really need two layouts. For the rehearsal layout I want to add the volume increase/decrease. At some point I might condider using the looper, but right now I just want to finalize my Axe 3 setup and be done with it
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