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Recent content by svl

  1. svl

    WTB Explorer Style guitar Epiphone etc.

    I have an Epi Korina Explorer (a '98- best year for these babies). Upgraded with locking Grovers, TV Jones Classic Plus pickups, roller bridge and Duesenberg Les Trem II. Killer guitar, amazing tonal range, lightweight, low action, crazy stable tuning even with heavy bar use. LMK if interested.
  2. svl

    Dark Mode for the Forum?

    Many thanks for the Dark Reader tip, that did the trick!
  3. svl

    Dark Mode for the Forum?

    Where do we set the "dark dark" mode? Thanks in advance!
  4. svl

    Dark Mode for the Forum?

    Plus 1 for Dark Mode. Use it on every site I can, love to have the option here.
  5. svl

    My Niece.

    Absolutely awesome. My daughter is in the same boat, but is only a Jr in HS, so this is beyond appreciated by me. Wishing your niece all the good mojo the world has to offer!
  6. svl

    FC Setlist and Song modes

    Only thing stopping me from replacing my two Axe IIs.
  7. svl

    FS Allen & Heath GL2-S mixer in Road Runner M8URR case

    Allen & Heath GL2-S 16 channel board, perfect working condition. Racked in a Road Runner M8URR rack case with 8 space below the tilted board, excellent condition, never gigged. $350 for both, PP Gift. Local pickup (Chicago)
  8. svl

    FS EV ELX112 speaker pair

  9. svl

    FS Roland JV 1080 w/ manuals, 3 expansion modules

    Selling my Roland JV 1080, studio kept/racked, original owner. Has manual, power cord and 3 installed Expansion modules (SR-JV80-02 Orchestral, SR-JV80-05 World and SR-JV80-13 Vocal). Local pickup (Chicagoland area) preferred. $600 PP gift
  10. svl

    FS Roland S50 Sampling keyboard w/ Director S, manuals, case

    Selling my Roland S50 sampler, great condition, studio kept, original owner. Comes with all manuals, 3.5 sound discs, power cord, everything originally included. Also throwing in the custom Grundorf case I had built for it- thing is a tank, only used to cart the keyboard from house to studio...
  11. svl

    Sold a guitar, it arrived damaged

    In this climate, citing science is a bit like this-
  12. svl

    FS EV ELX112 speaker pair

    Great passive speakers- lightweight but sturdy (wood not plastic), really sweet sounding speakers. Perfect working order, fantastic condition, never gigged (house rehearsal only). Local deal only (Chicagoland area), $375 for the pair PP Gift .
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