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  1. Sustainerplayer

    Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro as Master Controller

    Welcome! This thread tells it all: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/voodoo-labs-gcpro-and-axe-fx-scenes.94071/ I have used it with both the Axe Fx II XL and now the Axe III
  2. Sustainerplayer

    Fractal Audio Artist Preset Series - Steve Stevens

    I never needed to be in my studio more than now. :p
  3. Sustainerplayer

    So I tried an Ibanez guitar.....

    A fair bunch of Ibanez' were retrofitted with Fernandes sustainers. Especially after Steve Vai's FLO came to be.
  4. Sustainerplayer

    FM3: G66 availability?

    Got the invite 40 minutes ago. Signed up on the waitlist at aprox 20:46 on the 23rd. If I buy a FM3 it has to be a HP-version. So I'll wait until then to decide. I have an Axe III ...
  5. Sustainerplayer

    Vocoder: the least used effect block?

    I tried it. Once. For non-guitar purposes I prefer a plugin ...
  6. Sustainerplayer

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    The Danish PM just announced that we are closing our borders until easter.
  7. Sustainerplayer

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Denmark goes for lock down. All public institutions closes for 14 days. No gatherings with more than 100 people allowed.
  8. Sustainerplayer

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Likely? Do you have a source for that?
  9. Sustainerplayer

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Disinfecting entire cities? Has anyone gotten the virus from contact with the tarmac, a lamppost or the curb? It seems like a "we try to show we are are doing something" ...
  10. Sustainerplayer

    Why do I need a cab pack?

    You don't. But then you do. It's a twisted world.
  11. Sustainerplayer

    Asking about axe fx iii

    If you buy it - you will learn it. Just like you learned to play the guitar.
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