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Recent content by Surefire641

  1. Surefire641

    SOLD Fractal FC-12 controller, new in box (only tested). Free Shipping in U.S. (Dumfires, VA), $525

    I bought a new FC-12 a few months ago and, as it turns out, I still only need a FC-6. It has never left my studio, and barely been out of the box. Ships free in original packaging in the continental U.S. $525 (not interested in trades and please to not contact me r/e international shipping)
  2. Surefire641

    SOLD Fractal EV-2 expression pedals (x2), Dallas, TX $195 shipped

    I'm selling two mint Fractal EV-2 expression pedals (black) with free shipping CONUS. I ended up just going back to my old Mission SP-1 and it works fine. They both lived in my smoke free studio and have seen virtually no use.
  3. Surefire641

    FS Sold FC-12 with Gator Bag Great Shape

    I'll take it. PM inbound.
  4. Surefire641

    FC-6 Preset selection in bank will only display and select preset 0

    Actually, this is what happens when you have the MAPPING function turned on and don't realize it. Hope this helps anyone else with the same issue.
  5. Surefire641

    FC-6 Preset selection in bank will only display and select preset 0

    I'm trying to set one of my layout screens on the FC-6 to select specific presets in a bank. I have the Bank Size set for five, and have five presets in the bank set up with Select by #. No matter what number I put in there, I only get the first preset on the Axe either via the FC6 or in the...
  6. Surefire641

    Acoustic Session with AXE FX III

    Sounds killer, man. Thanks for the preset!
  7. Surefire641

    Temple Audio Boards

    I have a Duo34 I’m looking to unload if you’re interested. Brand new in the box and I have a bunch of extra plates and such. PM if you’re interested.
  8. Surefire641

    FS PRS Gold hardware (new), CORE (not SE). $35, Dallas, TX

    I have a complete set of PRS gold hardware (tuner buttons, pickup screws, backplate and jack plate screws, etc... and some extras as well. Buying these from PRS is crazy expensive so I figured someone here might want a good deal. This is new hardware from a McCarty series. $35 shipped...
  9. Surefire641

    SOLD FC-6 - Mint condition, $400 plus shipping CONUS

    Selling a basically new, in the box, Fractal FC-6. I moved to this from a FC-12, but ended up realizing I need a little more preset real-estate. Save tax costs and get this one at a bargain. PM if interested.
  10. Surefire641

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    On it, thanks! (dumb move on my part).
  11. Surefire641

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    After downloading the latest update (Ver 3.38) and using with Axe Edit III version 1.03.10, I cannot get any presets to send to the Axe III. The preset just shows all blank blocks, irrespective of what preset I'm trying to send (XL+, AX8, etc). Any workaround for this?
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