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Recent content by Strumzilla

  1. Strumzilla

    “Jesus, is there anything you people don’t bitch about”

    I haven't taken time to read all the comments, but I have a feeling others have said it - the fact that we continue to receive these firmware updates with new models of amps/pedals, etc. is extremely rare in this business. Most companies would call these expansion packs or equivalent and charge...
  2. Strumzilla

    Health Update

    Get well soon, hope you're back on stage in the near future.
  3. Strumzilla

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs Redux

    Now we're at my level.
  4. Strumzilla

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Don't need one, but I'm happy that FAS keeps innovating and responding to the needs of its user base. I'm sure this will be a great fit for many.
  5. Strumzilla

    Rush Canadian Golden Ale coming soon

    I also thought Trooper was excellent. Doesn't hurt when you get it gratis during the pre-show, but I've bought it locally as well. And for anyone wondering, it's called a brewery.
  6. Strumzilla

    Mohini Day Countdown

    She's amazing, I'd love to see more of her in a heavy prog/prog metal setting.
  7. Strumzilla

    PRS DGT - should I get it?

    What he said...
  8. Strumzilla

    NGD: Suhr Pete Thorn Signature

    As they say in the Emerald Isle, that's Gargeous.
  9. Strumzilla

    10 Classical Composers Rock Medley

    This was just fantastic! Loved it. I've seen your Karen, etc. arrangement videos on YouTube and had quite a few laughs. Love seeing you play classical through the filter of electric guitar.
  10. Strumzilla

    The New Dune Movie Trailer…

    Really looking forward to this film! Love Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049.
  11. Strumzilla

    I Lost my wife last night

    Very sorry for your loss. May she RIP. She'll live on in the memories of those who knew and loved her.
  12. Strumzilla

    What studio monitors are you using

    Focal Alpha 80s as my mains, and Avantone Cubes for secondary.
  13. Strumzilla

    My new guitar (I built)

    That looks amazing, props to you on your hard work!
  14. Strumzilla

    Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger Cover

    Great version. Love that guitar, too. I got into Oasis way after the fact, but they've become one of my favorite bands. I've seen NGHFBs a few times, I'm hoping they come back out on tour in the near future.
  15. Strumzilla

    The Cygnus Limelight M@ preset appreciation thread

    This is great news. I had several Jammit songs that were just going to waste.
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