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  • stringbender. Checked out a few of your clips. your leads are very tasteful and musical.

    subbed your youtube page
    Thanks mate.....have you got some YouTube stuff I can check out?
    Hey - I just watched your latest video, really good work. I also have a PRS Bernie Marsden, what pickups did you put in yours?

    Hi John,

    It's the Suhr Doug Alrich set, sound great. The stock pickups are good but these are a lot beefier in the mids, kinda John Sykes like.
    Im thinking about buying matrix 800fx and two 12" monitors but so far im running it via headphoes too but not happy with the sound yet.
    As for pedalboard im using original MFC 101 so no problem at all and its powered by ethernet cable which is awesome :)

    Happy new year mate
    Hey man....small world.
    Am loving it so far.........takes a bit of tweaking the presets for your own gear and i'm struggling to setup my behringer 1010 ;-)

    What are you gonna run it through? ......i'm just using phones atm.
    Hi mate,
    Ive just discovered that you stay in Dundee which is 24 miles from me :). How do you like AXE FX II so far? Im gettin my one in about two weeks time and canni wait!

    Hope to speak to you soon.
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