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Recent content by stratzrus

  1. stratzrus

    FM3 Firmware Version 2.00 Public Beta 1

    Thanks to everyone for testing out the beta version of 2.0 and finding the bugs that will enable Fractal to get it sorted before the official release of the 2.0 firmware. This is a really helpful process.
  2. stratzrus

    Wow. Awesome tones. No comparison to previous generation IMHO

    On the flip side, I don't feel like it's a step down from the III tone wise. I use both and the FM3 definitely holds its own.
  3. stratzrus

    First Fractal

    I've started with the factory presets as well (Studio Clean, Djentlemanly, and Glass Lead) and with a few modifications that only took minutes they sound just the way I want. I've been checking out some of Leon Todd's YouTube videos and plan to make some adjustments based on what he...
  4. stratzrus

    Deadpool’s FM3 Review

    I started out using one of the early powered cabs (forget the manufacturer). Then a Randall RT2/50 into a Fryette FatBottom 2x12 and then finally a pair of pole mounted Atomic CLRs. The Randall/Fractal rig sounded really good...definitely amp in the room tone. But the pole mounted Atomics...
  5. stratzrus

    Finally, a real gig with the FM3!

    I'm well too familiar with my limitations and know that multi-function switches where you need to remember what does what would not work for me in a live gigging situation. That's why, despite it being fairly huge, I bought the FC-12. I set up the top row with the effects I use most often and...
  6. stratzrus

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    No freeze ups for me but I haven't done anything fancy with it, no imported presets, no using the editor. I edited two factory presets including amp swaps and have been playing using those. I've left the unit on for more than six hours a couple of times with no problems. No need to reboot. So...
  7. stratzrus

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    Thanks Bryant. I've been holding off using mine until the firmware issues are worked out but if only a handful are reporting issues I may as well dive in.
  8. stratzrus

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    I have a Mac and intend to use the USB audio to record with it. I haven't used my FM3 yet and don't know what the issues are. What are the issues that are still unresolved at this point?
  9. stratzrus

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    "Or the one..."
  10. stratzrus

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.08

    I have not upgraded from the original firmware my III shipped with (looks like 1.17). When I upgrade to the latest firmware, what changes/improvements can I expect?
  11. stratzrus

    FX8 V5.04 Released

    What is the latest firmware version that's bug free?
  12. stratzrus

    Coming Soon

    Is there a waitlist? If not, any idea when one will start?
  13. stratzrus

    Firmware 10 and other stuff: my favorite parts

    Great post Alexander...thanks so much for all that you have contributed to the community!
  14. stratzrus

    Using a valve power amp....AxeFX power amps on or off??

    Amp sims on, cabs off for me. Randall RT2/50>Fryette Fat Bottom 2x12 or Deliverance 4x12.
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