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Recent content by Stratman68

  1. Stratman68

    NEW Strat Weirdness?

    So I put 5 new springs on. Supposedly a matched set from fender. Seems better......Thanks for all the ideas'! :)
  2. Stratman68

    NEW Strat Weirdness?

    That is a nice idea. But that is NOT the metallic sound I am hearing. I will try to record the sound and upload it tomorrow. As stated it is NOT there with only 3 original springs. Maybe they do need to be the same or similar tension. I have no idea what springs Fender threw on here. I would...
  3. Stratman68

    NEW Strat Weirdness?

    So, I have been playing Fender Strats for about 4 decades. I have ALWAYS decked the bridge. I have a new Ultra Strat, mainly because i wanted one :-) Well and a rosewood fingerboard, which I didn't have on any. All my strats (except the new one) have 5 springs. Just the way I did things. The...
  4. Stratman68

    Are presets interchangeable

    Sure, but knowing and seeing exactly what you did and used most certainly is a step up from starting from scratch................How can it not be? You will know what amp\drive\fx, etc, etc, you used and in what order. Jeeezzzz!
  5. Stratman68

    Are presets interchangeable

    on the AX8 - You can export to a text file\csv and that gives you all the parameters exactly how they are. I use to do that as a second backup to real important presets.
  6. Stratman68

    Steel Panther

    @sprint I was only talking about his "attitude", not his guitar playing. Sure, he can play. That doesn't make him immediately qualified to be a fractal artist. Different stroke for different folks..............
  7. Stratman68

    Steel Panther

    Seriously? Nah, your joking right? Sounds like a smart**s to me.
  8. Stratman68

    Is the FM3 reliable to you ?

    Excellent question.... IMHO, if you play out regularly for $$$, you need a backup be it for your amp or a modeler. Doesn't need to be as costly. Just needs to get you thru the gig. iirc most folks here do that. Hence the many threads about back up units, etc, etc. Most pick a cheaper, but...
  9. Stratman68

    Pre-purchase question (AXE III)

    I know your question is sincere. But, as @steadystate said above........Technology will move forward. Can't stop that. I honestly don't see how the AXE FXIII or the FM3 can sound any better. Sure maybe bells and whistles, and some peoples little wishes will be added, but, jeeezzzz, that does NOT...
  10. Stratman68

    Got Jabbed Today

    Moderna-1st shot just sore arm for 1/2 a day. 2nd shot, wasn't sick but just laid around all day with no energy. That's what TV's for...........
  11. Stratman68

    Win 10x64 Laptop or tablet, prefer tablet or 2 in 1 for VST playback?

    Well, found a short term solution. I have the Boss JS-10. It sits in my LR and I usually play thru it when watching a football game, etc. Anyway, It does play wave and mp3 files. Waves are Cd quality only 44.1\16 and MP3 are 64\320. High for an MP3. It also has footswitch inputs. I can use a...
  12. Stratman68

    AX8 does Grateful Dead -- Mutron III effect

    Welcome and fyi, Ian aka @iaresee, one of moderators has posted some dead presets. His band , well the one that does the dead stuff is really good. You'll have to search. He is easy to find he's a moderator and he also liked your post. You can search. AX8 is a killer!
  13. Stratman68

    Win 10x64 Laptop or tablet, prefer tablet or 2 in 1 for VST playback?

    Both great points. I did check the website of a guy from the old cakewalk forums. Jim Roseberry (sp?) Studiocat -Purrfect Audio. He builds great PCs and laptops for Audio stuff. Really knows his stuff. So helpful on the daw forums. But I don't need to do any audio\daw work on the laptop-just...
  14. Stratman68

    Win 10x64 Laptop or tablet, prefer tablet or 2 in 1 for VST playback?

    First, please, WINDOWS. Lets not have the same old win vs Mac argument please. I am asking for advice. Also, one person gig type stuff with backing tracks. I have 2 choices- \1> convert all midi files with VSTS to audio (easy but has limitations. 2. Use VSTS and out put as audio (my preference)...
  15. Stratman68

    Pat Metheny Style Song

    So fabulous, as always...............Thank You
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