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Recent content by Stratman68

  1. Stratman68

    Another Axefx vs Amps thread

    Are u serious? So, because I DO NOT AGREE \like\appreciate your response's to some of the members that means I didn't read your post? Go back to school will you. Jeeezzzz!
  2. Stratman68

    Another Axefx vs Amps thread

    NO ONE has said the Axe is perfect. You, from the very start made this confrontational by accusing early commenters of NOT reading your post. It's like you are arguing with yourself. Maybe read your own replies.
  3. Stratman68

    Will the FM3 work for me?

    Yes. But of course, only 3 FSW's built in. But you can also use standin's (2 more) which would give you 5. But you cannot see the names of the FX on the stand in switches. I had no issues using the FM3. With FM3 Only (alone) layouts by [@Patzag[/USER] (free also) it is fairly easy. to do what...
  4. Stratman68

    Solved: Refresh After New Firmware in Axe-Edit

    Henry - That happened to me with the FM9 recently-drove me crazy until I realized I needed to update defs........................
  5. Stratman68

    Free "Pre-Rola" IR's

    Thanks Leon!
  6. Stratman68

    Solved: FM3 sounded muffled until I positioned my studio monitors appropriately

    Except for that rare moment, I also do not get these posts? Not trying to e mr negative here, but forget paid or downloaded presets, if you do NOT get a nice tone out of some presets, something is seriously weird.
  7. Stratman68

    New computer questions

    I just made myself get used to making backups. If you do it regular enough it becomes habit. Im use 2 different apps. Acronis True Image which I have used for years and Aomei Backerupper. Funny name but amazingly QUCIK and reliable backups (The Aomei stuff) Aomei also has a great disk and...
  8. Stratman68

    New computer questions

    In your case redd I would put the OS and APPS on the SSD and, for now, record to HDD. Not sure what Sweetwater does for motherboards, but it is very easy and pretty cheap to add another SSD NVME.............Depends on the motherboard specs. Also, you do not need to be a computer wiz to do this...
  9. Stratman68

    New computer questions

    I totally eliminated HDD's. All NVME's-runs and records great-
  10. Stratman68

    Headrush 112 or Boss Katana Mk ll 50 watt

    I have Yamaha DXR10's but I also have the Katana mkII 50. My FM3 and FM9 sound fine thru the Katana. What I like about it i it is also an actual amp.
  11. Stratman68

    Is your studio still evolving?

    I have had a small spare room\studio for a long time now. Recording stuff, etc has always been good but chairs and desks sucked=always. So I finally sprung for an adjustable desk./ Got the V2 4 leg uplift desk. Sorry I waited so long. It is amazing (thank You @iaresee) His input helped move me...
  12. Stratman68

    Under Daw\Desk Chair mat? Glass? Plastic? Plexiglass?

    So , small bedroom\studio has low carpet and I want a GOOD appx 4' x 4' mat underneath. don't really care about flattening the carpet, it's a spare bedroom with cheap carpet. Glass looks cool, but expensive. I would get it if I knew it was really durable. Any suggestions\experience? Thanks folks
  13. Stratman68

    Struggling user - I can't get anywhere close to my prophecy's gain and sustain, please help.

    Curious? Is the OP still here? Just sayin! The amount of suggestions and ideas is crazy good. So,..............? Whats up?
  14. Stratman68

    EZ Drummer 3

    Yes I think it's great . Perfect for what I do.
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