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Recent content by stratamania

  1. stratamania

    FX8 V5.04 Released

    The Fractal-Bot is a Midi Utility for upgrading firmware. So I don't think it is that no one cares it is just not what that tool is mainly for from my point of view. The Preset manager in the editor is the tool or a better tool for backing up presets or in this case the only reliable tool.
  2. stratamania

    FX8 and Synergy amps

    Good, you solved it. So are you using just TS to TS cables or Humbuster TRS to TS. Do you have it connected similarly to what I mentioned above, or in some other way? Might be useful for somebody in the future.
  3. stratamania

    FX8 and Synergy amps

    OK, that's cool. I think the big thing with modeling is flexibility. Not an either / or situation.
  4. stratamania

    FX8 and Synergy amps

    @Keg8605 Are you using the Axe FX for effects only in your setup?
  5. stratamania

    FX8 and Synergy amps

    Possibly as a test try going from FX8 Pre to the inputs of the Syn2, then out of Syn2 into FX8 post in and then FX8 post out to the input of the Synergy 5050 poweramp. I took a look at the manual. This should also work. Connect Main outs of the Syn 2 to the 5050 poweramp Incorporate the FX8...
  6. stratamania

    Does it matter which Ernie ball volume pedal to use as Expression?

    Hi, sorry I did not answer before, but I am not very active on the forum lately. I see mr_fender answered already. It's just a simple TRS to TRS cable similar to the one linked.
  7. stratamania

    Breaking up with Apple....

    Install guide for Sierra. (Obviously has to be on "supported" hardware) https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/unibeast-install-macos-sierra-on-any-supported-intel-based-pc.200564/ But as pointed out what is your time worth etc.
  8. stratamania

    Big issue with a new FX8 (v4.00)

    Contact support then at G66 they are very helpful.
  9. stratamania

    FX8 In Post L/R connectors and Cables

    Thanks Cliff, would the cable need to be similar to a Humbuster or wired in some other way ?
  10. stratamania

    FX8 In Post L/R connectors and Cables

    Well if he does then we at least wont be devoid of an answer about them. Even if an answer said, its for possible future use. Good enough but no answer at all surprises me... For that I have no answer. Is a Jackson in some way better for training reindeer than a Gibson ?
  11. stratamania

    FX8 In Post L/R connectors and Cables

    Bump, will this question get answered ?
  12. stratamania

    Best online manual for FX8 Mark II

    Only the manual
  13. stratamania

    FX8 In Post L/R connectors and Cables

    Bump anyone at Fractal that knows the answer to the question in the first post above ?
  14. stratamania

    There a global lead available on FX8?

    I am wondering myself about this. The nearest I could find is Sticky Preset mentioned below. But as I don't have an FX8 I cannot verify. http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=Buttons,_switches_and_knobs_on_the_AX8_and_FX8
  15. stratamania

    FX8 Midi Mapping

    Would it not be easier to just use the FX8 to send the MIDI to the Gigrig G2 ? That way you use the device with more MIDI capability to control the one with less.
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