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Recent content by strat714

  1. strat714

    Axe-Fx overriding tone characteristics?

    Your opinion is a fact?
  2. strat714

    NGD 2020 50s Les Paul Standard

    Beautiful! Enjoy!
  3. strat714

    Sleepwalk Santo And Johnny

    Sweet! Great tones! I love this song! Well done!
  4. strat714

    Fender Strat single coil (bridge) favorites

    Love SD JBjr for bridge.
  5. strat714

    Best Guitarist of all times

  6. strat714

    My wife passed away today

    My condolences. Sorry for your loss.
  7. strat714

    Axe-Fx III vs Helix

    My opinion is better than your opinion because my opinion is my opinion and your opinion is your opinion...FACT!;)
  8. strat714


    Thank You Edward for all that you did for us as guitarists. You changed the playing field immeasurably. RIP!
  9. strat714

    Anyone using Graph Tech Ratio tuners?

    I put these on a Godin LGXT. Absolutely love them. Stable and precise. They also dropped right in, no drilling. I didn't need the plates either. They improved the sustain too.
  10. strat714

    What's your hobby?

    Nude ping pong.
  11. strat714

    Your house is on fire!.....

    My Gibson Lifeson Les Paul.
  12. strat714

    Vendor ZenRigs is dead...

    You scared me for a moment. See you soon!
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