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Recent content by steverosburg

  1. steverosburg

    “Jesus, is there anything you people don’t bitch about”

    This is why we respect you so much Cliff, beyond your mad skills.
  2. steverosburg


    Personally, I'd be completely fine with that.
  3. steverosburg


    I personally use very few of the custom IR slots, so personally I'd be all for reclaiming some slots.
  4. steverosburg

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Wow, super cool. I have absolutely no need, since I have an Axe-Fx III and FC-12, but this is such a great balance of form and function. Kudos on an awesome product announcement!
  5. steverosburg

    SOLVED: USB Driver, or some other conflict keeps screwing with Win 10 sound.

    Windows 7 was the last version I didn't think was outright rubbish.
  6. steverosburg

    F*&@#$^% Microsoft

    I've a 2020 model 5K iMac with the 10-core i9, and I'm quite happy with it. Certainly doesn't offer the value proposition of a Windows-based PC, and there are some programs/devices which only support Windows, so I've got my Windows PC as a backup when needed.
  7. steverosburg

    Ares vs Cygnus - if it was perfect - how can it be better now?

    From my experience over the past decade, Cliff doesn't plan obsolescence into his designs, but it's the nature of the beast that algorithms will advance as new, more powerful hardware becomes available. That doesn't make existing hardware/firmware sound worse; I was happy with my Axe-Fx II...
  8. steverosburg

    Is arrived the time for Axe-Fx III to profile an amp?

    I voted "Yes, but never/rarely use them", and why would you think the poll is not representative? All it has to be is of a decent sample size to be representative, there's no right or wrong answer that would only attract a certain demographic. Personally, I have purchased both IR's and Presets...
  9. steverosburg

    FM3 Wins Gear of the Year Award

    Congrats! It looks like a great product, which I would be really interested in if I didn't already have a III. :)
  10. steverosburg

    Helix Modeling Question

    There are only so many truly brilliant engineers in the world, and even fewer are those who possess Cliff's unique skillset. Add to that his ethos, work ethic and incredibly high standards, and that he hasn't sold out. We're incredibly fortunate as a community. The rest is good people and...
  11. steverosburg

    Tuner "noise" from FC-12

    I'll play with it more next time and see, but while I don't think my guitar cable is anything exceptional, it's made with Neutrik connectors and Gepco XB20UB cable, so it's decent. Note that I never noticed this problem with my Axe-Fx II and MFC-101 Mark III, but I didn't have the tuner on...
  12. steverosburg

    Tuner "noise" from FC-12

    Thanks. I've tried it a number of ways, both crossing my guitar cable, as well as crossing the XLR out to the stage pocket. Even at right angles, it still introduces interference. I made a set of small isolation towers on my 3D printer so I can elevate one cable where they cross, but this is...
  13. steverosburg

    Tuner "noise" from FC-12

    I love the tuner on heel down feature available with newer firmware versions, the problem I have is that I get a lot of cross talk between my cables when the tuner is active. I can clean up the problem by carefully separating the cables, but it can be tedious and awkward to do so based on where...
  14. steverosburg

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.02

    The tuner change is genius, thank you!
  15. steverosburg

    FM3 sounds like an amp with a blanket on top of it

    I usually use my Beyerdynamic DT-880's to keep the family happy, but have been using Yamaha HSM-80's for years, and find them to be pretty neutral and translate well. The newer HS-80's aren't quite as fancy with the controls, but the basic monitor is the same.
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