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Recent content by steve_k

  1. steve_k

    FX8 audio throughput

    exactly. thanks....i guess its a line mixer or nothing.
  2. steve_k

    FX8 audio throughput

    Is everything from the input converted and digitized or can the unit as a whole best set to pass an unaltered audio output through it with the mix level of the effects preset being added to?
  3. steve_k

    Cab Pack 7

    Hell yes. Awesome return on $24.95. These are all Mesa Boogie 412 Traditional mixes. Very nice indeed and very useful for me. Steve
  4. steve_k

    Help with Hetfield live tone

    Use mine. It will get you close.....this is for an XL+ and FW19. If you don't have this set up, let me know and I will help you with settings. I am also using Cab Pack 7 MB Traditional mixes (which are awesome). You will have to substitute cabs depending on what you have. Set them to NULL and...
  5. steve_k

    Triaxis L2Y/VH4 and a Het Clean patch

    Triaxis L2Y + VH4. Using the Mesa 412 Trad. Cab Lab 7 cabs (which are awesome BTW). PEQ on the TA and a few other FX for punch (Multi-Comp). Also, a clean patch with the JC120 with a bit of chorus/phase and short delay/verb. Set up direct. But, I am running output 2 thru a Matrix and a...
  6. steve_k

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.00 Public Beta #3

    loaded up 19 beta yesterday. sounds great.....no issues.
  7. steve_k

    Turbosound iQ12 - Anyone checked it out with an AxeFX yet?

    Our band replaced our PA system with the Turbosound gear. I haven't tried the speakers as a stand alone FRFR for the AFX, but as a PA system, it is good gear for the money. I have used the CLR's for a few years now. RCF is still my favorite though for AFX monitoring.
  8. steve_k


    Wonder if she had the right tools?
  9. steve_k

    Offspring Axe-Fx Rig Rundown

    I think if Kevin knew how to take a screenshot or share the patches, he would.....
  10. steve_k

    Het Live Preset

    updated the preset after i found the SATURATION control under the other tab on the IIC+. very nice indeed. re-eq'd the output. also, output 2 i have running to a matrix to a 412 mesa traditional cab.
  11. steve_k

    Het Live Preset

    Dusted off the XL and loaded up FW 19 beta. IIC+ and VH4 Silver both with 412 Mesa Traditional new mix. Using some Fostex headphones. Need to get out the CLR's and check it out. You Will may need to EQ with the EQ block at the end of the chain depending on what you are playing through. Power...
  12. steve_k

    CPU overload with 86% usage

    i try and stay away from dual high res cabs and don't seem to have any problems. they hog the CPU.
  13. steve_k

    Power amp Help

    I haven't looked around lately, but I don't think there's anything out there to compete with the Matrix for power amp duties and letting the Axe FX do its job. Good price point too with all the right connections.
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