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Recent content by Sted

  1. Sted

    Line 6 New Amp Teaser......

    I think L6 has gotten better over the years, to go from the spider to the DT range is a phenomenal jump, I doubt this will even attempt to take on Fractal/kemper in their respective arenas, I'm thinking it'll be something to take on the likes of Blackstars ID series or Fenders Mustang.
  2. Sted

    I'm afraid to bring my "A-rig" to a bar

    I bought mine to gig live, if I couldn't use it for gigs I wouldn't bother! It is a worry but really it's only my MFC that's exposed,,the axe sits in its rack behind me and no one can really see it, once I've set my level I never need to look at it again anyway.
  3. Sted

    How many amps do you actually use?

    The 5153 is my main rock patch but also recto red, HBE, plexi jumped, JCM800 and the top boost, for cleans I use ferments dual punchy clean so whatever's in that as well.
  4. Sted

    A thorough MFC-101 Mark III review

    Dem duds is awesome bro!
  5. Sted


    Always fancied a Yammy SG, other than that can't say it interests me much.
  6. Sted

    How to translate tone to FOH?

    I totally get that but its no different with an amp, we play with our own 1000w PA and have to tweak the PA EQ when the cabs are mic'd up which means if we are using cabs for on stage monitoring they probably wont sound as good as we would like but thats the trade off. Before using the Axe Fx I...
  7. Sted

    How to translate tone to FOH?

    Its irrelevant what the CLR's sound like to a sound guy because he wont hear them and he isn't bothered, you set your patches up the best you feel, you play through your monitor, the sound guy, as usual, will do what the f**k he wants with whatever you give him, end of story, only this time you...
  8. Sted

    Happy New Matrix Day! NL212 & GT1000FX

    Nice! Have you tried it the cab with a normal tube amp? Interested how these cabs sound in that situation!
  9. Sted

    My Atomic CLR's Active Wedges arrived today!

    Just bear in mind mate unless your monitors are super transparent (which mine aren't) a lot of your patches will need attention, also if you play loud they will need further attention, just persevere as the rewards are there. If you experience a lot of low end rumble there is a sub cut switch on...
  10. Sted

    Dont think my new AxeFx add on is working properly....

    Awesome! I feel strangely hypnotised by her eyes though....suddenly I feel like some catnip?
  11. Sted

    Dont think my new AxeFx add on is working properly....

    Yeah, be a bit worried if my boy tried to sit on my gear though! Lol! Not even one yet and weighs close to 100lb! :shock
  12. Sted

    New Animals as Leaders Artist Profile Video

    Not my personal taste but no denying the talent there, a great endorsement for FAS these guys.
  13. Sted

    Progressive Rocco Tearing It Up

    Such a great player, nice one Rocco!
  14. Sted

    Dont think my new AxeFx add on is working properly....

    I have a pooch as well mate, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, his farts are so bad they can strip the hairs from your nostrils.
  15. Sted

    Long time Strat owners (a little input please)

    I use an EJ strat, have had it many years and its a little beat up now! It comes stock with the tone wired to the bridge, I think this is essential although in a two guitar band that visceral bridge pickup can be the difference between cutting through and getting lost in the mix. I went to a...
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