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Recent content by Starfighter

  1. Starfighter

    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    +1 Pretty please :relaxed:
  2. Starfighter

    Tuning a Rickenbacker 330-12

    Yep, Ricks are strung oppsite - that´s part of what gives them that special ring :)
  3. Starfighter

    Does your band run mono or stereo guitars live?

  4. Starfighter

    Does your band run mono or stereo guitars live?

    To quote the great Anand: Stereo. Always stereo :) Axe FX II in stereo to FOH, also with stereo cabs for stage fill. One guitar, U2 cover band.
  5. Starfighter

    Best Wishes For Cliff on His Upcoming Spinal Surgery!

    Best wishes! May the Force be with you!
  6. Starfighter

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Link to the wait list in Europe, please? I couldn´t find anything at G66
  7. Starfighter

    Power supply

    Are you using MIDI or Faslink between MFC and Axe FX? I'm using CAT 5 with no issues myself, but I know you've had a lot of trouble with it - so I understand you want to stay away from CAT 5. But if I'm not mistaken, the Axe FX can power the MFC through either 7-pin MIDI or Faslink?
  8. Starfighter

    Commercial U2 preset packs

  9. Starfighter

    Axe Fx Funk Wah U2's mysterious ways

    Great work, man! I wanna sell my A3 as well :)
  10. Starfighter

    Legacy Firmware Solution

    Awesome! Thanks a million, boss!
  11. Starfighter

    NEW AX FX....3 WHEN????

    Lol, best post in this thread - guaranteed! :)
  12. Starfighter

    U2 - Mysterious Ways Clip

    Try playing around with the settings in the filter block, that does a lot for the swoosh. That said - I have not nailed MW on the Axe FX yet. I know some guys are very close, but I gave up - even with a Rick 330/12 I was not close enough. Bought a Korg A3, and running it into the effects loop...
  13. Starfighter

    Fractal Audio AMP Models: Yeks PDF Guide

    Feels great to finally be able to thank you for all your contributions to the Fractal community - and what a classy and noble way to handle the donations!
  14. Starfighter

    Vox AC30CC2 relay switching?

    Thanks - I know you do, and I did, waiting for their reply. Just thought maybe someone else might have the same amp, and already checked it :)
  15. Starfighter

    Vox AC30CC2 relay switching?

    Does anyone use the FX8 with a Vox AC30CC2 or similar with external reverb/tremolo switching? Is the AC30 "short-to-sleeve" per the FX8 manual?
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