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Recent content by squidz66

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    RACER X - Street Lethal - Full cover w/vocals (video)

    Dude! That was awesome.. Such a fun time for music...I smile every time I hear a dude 'Go nuts' and shred.. Or hear a vocalist hit the notes!! (he is smashing it dude! Say thank you from me) More IS more!! Brilliant! Bloody well done!!
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    Iphone 7 Killing the Headphone Jack

    Because they deserve it, most! ;)
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    Iphone 7 Killing the Headphone Jack

    Do you owe them something? Do Apple need you? I am sad that people need to stand up for a multi billion dollar company...and write a blog about how great it all is for them to charge $200 for a pair of shitty headphones...
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    Iphone 7 Killing the Headphone Jack

    Do you love them?
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    Iphone 7 Killing the Headphone Jack

    Why do people argue and defend a company?
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    Iphone 7 Killing the Headphone Jack

    I'm curious as to how you can not see the entire point of all my posts!
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    Iphone 7 Killing the Headphone Jack

    "The human brain is an amazing thing. Amazingly gullible, I mean." Indeed it is Chris! We as consumers can somehow find sympathy and a kin hood with a multi billion dollar company.. They are pushing new boundary's in flogging off overpriced, poor sounding wireless earbuds with a proprietary...
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    Iphone 7 Killing the Headphone Jack

    Fair point! Still it seems a little silly that people will defend Apple for removing it.. I will wager that many who do will also swear by a certain guitar lead, and will spend many dollars on quality cables.
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    Iphone 7 Killing the Headphone Jack

    Quality audio is a thing of the past..Like the Dodo, or the Poodle!
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    Iphone 7 Killing the Headphone Jack

    I can't wait to get rid of my 1/4 inch and XLR's.. I am sure it will sound iMazing..
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    Happy Christmas Everyone!!

    That was lovely.. Thank you.
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    So whats your opinion on Apple music

    I personally, can't wait, to pay money for the rest of my life for something I will never own. Why didn't I think of this before? I long for the day when we can have food subscriptions... And I will have great feeds for a short while.. Please someone tell me they aren't thinking about it...
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    G3 modeling thread

    Perhaps he was just asking for a feature? It's not such a bad thing. I would have just said 'you can install any firmware you like' But....some days I can not believe what I read on this forum.
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    Chinese guitar knock-offs... opinions?

    I have been offered a Jem7V from a local pawn broker, for a good Jem price, that was quite recognizably fake to me... And it actually made me angry. Because they were selling it as a Jem Because they priced it as a Jem Because some poor kid will think he is getting a bargain Ibanez .... he...
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    Cheers dude!! My beautiful fretboards will thank you for many a year.. Do you recommend a particular string?? As I said earlier...I have bought strings which deteriorate rather quickly... And I certainly don't want them. "Well, obviously it's not meant to be taken literally; it refers to any...
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