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Recent content by solo-act

  1. solo-act

    Banjo or sitar patches

    Since Men in Black 3 every time I hear the word sitar, this scene pops into my head.
  2. solo-act

    Conspiracy theorists are crazy

    January 6: the day conspiracy theories stopped being funny in the USA, and talk about them stopped being light hearted. I recommend closing this thread asap.
  3. solo-act

    Conspiracy theorists are crazy

    Holy s**t!! That schematic is also the origin of Q!! And it's FIXED!!! OMG!!!
  4. solo-act

    Guitar Center Ghost Town

    Looks like they're pivoting to a new business model -- Guitar-Holder Center.
  5. solo-act

    Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeders

  6. solo-act

    New FM ???

    All said about Quad Cortex and it’s shortcomings, the footprint and layout are excellent, but that touch screen should be removable like the Avid S1 tablet format or it’ll cave in the hot sun. Surprising to see it’s nearly same switch layout and similar design as Gordius Little Giant, which is...
  7. solo-act

    One in a billion / millennium photo

    Catching the space station passing between Jupiter and Saturn in a 10-second shot. Photographer Jason De Freitas
  8. solo-act

    New option for FCB-1010 - Tiny Box

    It's designed by Xavier, the extremely capable mind that built the Gordius range of foot switches so I expect it does for more than anything else, if there is anything else like it.
  9. solo-act

    New FM ???

    Limited on midi commands the FM3 can send. Limited on # of switches and functions switches can perform. Limited user configurability of both midi commands and switch functions. Lack of USB/Midi device capability, limited midi & USB ports and port routing, etc. If Fractal released a new 2-space...
  10. solo-act

    New FM ???

    I appreciate the encouragement, and for years I upgraded precisely for ever-more-addicting tone/feel, from standard to ultra to 2. What I'm saying is the dimensions of the 3 and limited switch function of the FM are deal-killers, and all the tone in the world won't change that if they can't be...
  11. solo-act

    New FM ???

    I'd list desired requirements for a new FM, but Fractal is going to do what they do and my input doesn't matter. They lost me as a 3 customer because of size/dimensions, and as an FM customer because of switch/programability/midi limitations. Maybe some year I'll see a product in the zone of...
  12. solo-act

    Starship SN8

    Why are the guys I put on ignore on all the covid threads suddenly piling into this one?
  13. solo-act

    Starship SN8

    I did the same months ago.
  14. solo-act

    Starship SN8

    Nah...that'll be the first civilian passenger flight. When that thing falls out of the sky and flips vertical to land at the last f-ing second in a raging inferno of thrust, there will definitely be a "brown sound" coming from all the passengers on the flight.
  15. solo-act

    Starship SN8

    That's a great video
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