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Recent content by Solarfire

  1. Solarfire

    They All Sound the Same, It's About Workflow

    Well they absolutely all sound more or less different to me. Not really giving a shit about accuracy, but the bottom line for me is the sound/feel aspect (the latter not able to judge here). For me the ranking would be 4, 1, 3 and 2 whereby 4 and 1 sound the closest matched to me.
  2. Solarfire

    Intonation with Axe tuner: Why doesn't it work?

    The Axe is best suited for intonation setups. Precondition that said guitar is generally setup correct (action, saddle, strings, neck relief ...). A guitar is far from perfect what fret board layout is concerned, therefore some tempering of the intonation may be necessary to get things...
  3. Solarfire

    Can someone help me with my pickups?

    Possibly wired out of phase... Check the wire coding.
  4. Solarfire

    Wish Photos of the Amps and pedals in the edit program

    Just my 2 cents: a total wast of resources (human, cpu and memory) and cost driving just for a pretty GUI? Perfectly happy as is.
  5. Solarfire

    Flat out: Why hasn't Fractal given us the ability to invert the colors on the LCD screens?

    Yeah.. It's terrible when ones glass is half empty. Cliff!... Quit lolly-gagin around and get this done!;)
  6. Solarfire

    Convince Me Not to Sell My Axefx

    If you need convincing then you obviously don’t know what you want. Sell it and go with whatever floats your boat.
  7. Solarfire

    Other hobbies!

    Another homegrown-project, including milling of all parts, development and assembly of all PCB drivers and CPU-PID temperature regulation. A couple of high-end RGB-Laser-projectors @ 10W each
  8. Solarfire

    Other hobbies!

    There’s a company (Schaeffer AG) here in Germany that supplies a free CAD-Software to do offline design/development of faceplates and housings, includes libraries for diverse connectors and such, excellent and easy to use…even calculates the costs. They have a wide variety of materials to...
  9. Solarfire

    Other hobbies!

    Nice work dude! Here’s another little tube-project, a preamp-overdrive…
  10. Solarfire

    Other hobbies!

    My homegrown dual-mono-plexi with switchable dual rectifiers and dual eff-loops, all tube (except for the switchable silicone rectifiers of course). I'd say my hobby is hobbies in all directions, many in technical and creative directions.
  11. Solarfire

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 10 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #7

    Uhhh...it has an off button?...is it for service purposes?
  12. Solarfire

    Fret the first fret when checking string action?

    John sums it up to perfectly, beyond that and in my experience; a precise nut setup is by far the most win bringing aspect in the setup process.
  13. Solarfire

    Over 100 people dont like this! Man the world is talented!

    There are people in the world that will dislike something just for the sake of disliking it, this is what they like (dislike).
  14. Solarfire


    Absolutely speechless, didn’t see that one coming! The biggest inspiration in my musical career, still remember that jaw-dropping moment back in 78, the first time I heard eruption (amongst others), one of the biggest tipping-points in rock history, especially for tone hunting guitarists. RIP...
  15. Solarfire

    DIY Monday - mods to my Epi LP

    To the subject of Epiphone: about 8 years ago I decided I wanted a Gibson SG (61 style) so I went to the local RockShop and tested a few they had there, when I saw this Epiphone Elitist SG (61 style) hanging on the wall there and decided to give it a whirl. It was an immediate no brainer that...
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