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Recent content by soheil

  1. soheil

    Liquid Tension Experiment LTE3

    Really liked it. Passage of Time and Key to the imagination are my favorite tracks right now.
  2. soheil

    John Petrucci interview discussing the use of his Axe-Fx III

    for me, The best part of the interview was the future release of JP's own IRs announcement. Now that's something really cool.
  3. soheil

    Gibson buying Mesa?

    I really hope it's a hoax.
  4. soheil

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    Happy Birthday Cliff :)
  5. soheil

    Would you sell your AX8 to buy a new FM3?

    The short answer is yes :)
  6. soheil

    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    Amen to that.
  7. soheil

    John Petrucci Gear Livestream WED 7PM PT!

    It was a great watch. Thanks for posting this :)
  8. soheil

    Fractal Audio FM3 vs AX8 | Custom Presets

    Yeah I know that :) no worries though. eventually all of us will migrate to new platforms some day :) FAS user and fan for life here.
  9. soheil

    Fractal Audio FM3 vs AX8 | Custom Presets

    Very nice video. Thank you for all the efforts. I hope AX8 gets the Ares update someday. :)
  10. soheil

    AX8 Freezing Forcing Restart. Please Help.

    Yes I had this one as well. But it's so random and I can't pin point why it happens. Just to confirm that this actually happens.
  11. soheil

    AX8 and ARES....

    Ax8 is great. If Cliff and FAS decide to update it to ARES it would be cool, if not, It's still cool :) it's that simple really. no pressure :)
  12. soheil

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Of course any new addition to the Axe FX II and/or AX8 family is more than welcome but I think we shouldn't forget that these are EOL devices and we can't expect anything from FAS at this point. even Ares 2.00 was a huge surprise on my part. I would love to see JP amps or any new development...
  13. soheil

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Thanks Cliff. This is beyond awesomeness!
  14. soheil

    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    awesome. take your time Cliff :) thanks
  15. soheil

    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    I think patience is the key guys. Cliff and FAS never cease to amaze us :)
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