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Recent content by Smeier_ch

  1. Smeier_ch

    Wish Screensaver

    How about a screensaver on the AxeFx3? I miss the flying toasters... ;)
  2. Smeier_ch

    The new accordian...

    Accordion is not the worst choice, I'd be happy to groove like this with my guitar... ;)
  3. Smeier_ch

    Let’s see those guitars

    Some additional porn.... ;-)
  4. Smeier_ch


    Could these be reborn lost picks that come back to haunt us???? 🤓
  5. Smeier_ch


  6. Smeier_ch

    Small Bass Amp for Basement Jamming

    The smallest I know: http://pjbworld.com/cms/index.php/product_m-7/
  7. Smeier_ch

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.01

    11.01 Updated Speaker Impedance Curves for 2x12 Jazz 120, 4x10 Brit JM45 and 4x12 Hipower. Also added the following new curves: 2x12 Bassbuster (based on a Fender Bass Breaker) 1x12 Tweed Alnico Blue (based on a Fender Deluxe with Celestion Blue) 4x12 PVH 6160 (based on a Peavey 5150 w/...
  8. Smeier_ch

    Let’s see those guitars

    Two Pagelli custom builds. http://www.pagelli.com/e-news.html
  9. Smeier_ch

    Let’s see those guitars

    My two favourites, they have sent all other almost into retirement :)
  10. Smeier_ch

    For the love of pedals: What do you use with your Axe (Show us your pedals)

    Yep, the Bumble Buzz is still in use here too ;-) And the Caroline Hawaiian Pizza.
  11. Smeier_ch

    Wish Deacy Amp

    Cool, thanks!
  12. Smeier_ch

    Wish Deacy Amp

    That sounds like fun. Would love to hear/see that in the AxeFx... :) https://hackaday.com/2017/05/08/a-queen-mystery-the-legend-of-the-deacy-amp/
  13. Smeier_ch

    Devin Townsend: "Axe-Fx III is my perfect rig"

    In the ThatPedalShow video he was using his pedals very interactively. The new performance page on the Axe might have made the difference...?
  14. Smeier_ch

    Very bad news

    https://www.carolannamps.com/ :-( I bought an OD2 because of the Fractal Model...
  15. Smeier_ch

    Would anyone know what guitar this is (see pics inside)?

    Maybe we should open a "guess this guitar" thread, where everything from obscure to total custom can be shown... :)
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