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Recent content by slinky005

  1. slinky005

    Process for transfering presets

    Fractool is your friend.
  2. slinky005

    Axe-Fx III phasing issues?

    Have you tried any presets that were not converted? I had some issues as well when I converted. Are headphones plugged direct into the Axe? Have you tried creating a preset from scratch? Amp > Cab > Output?
  3. slinky005

    Axe-Fx III phasing issues?

    My guess is that if you listen with headphones the issue will not be there. Something external un-related to the Axe directly.
  4. slinky005

    FC-12 vs FC-6 decision

    If you're not playing live, what's the problem with an extra stomp to access another layout?
  5. slinky005

    FC6 vs Morningstar MC6

    Try setting the midi channel on the MC6 to a different one than the Axe. I have it setup this way so it won't send PCs to the MC. I only use it thru USB midi - the DIN ports have nothing plugged.
  6. slinky005

    FC6 vs Morningstar MC6

    I have both MC 6 and FC-6. MC 6 is great little unit. Pretty easy to program. Works good with Axe III but: Pros: - can do just about anything - very versatile - cheap - doesn't use wall wart - has an editor Cons: - no handshake sync for pedal states - not crazy about the size - too high and...
  7. slinky005

    The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - Available NOW!

    Anyone know of it's possible to do this if not using midi DIN port? I use a tablet that uses midi thru the USB port. Samples reside on tablet using Cantible. Right now I trigger my samples using an MC 6. MC 6 usb plugged into tablet. Tablet USB-C to Axe USB for midi. Would be cool if I could do...
  8. slinky005

    Expanding on the FC-6

    Nevertheless, very cool bringing in the analog world to further expand this amazing piece of gear's flexibility.
  9. slinky005

    Expanding on the FC-6

    Hey Leon, Great vids as always. What do you do when you go to another preset and want to make a small adjustment to the potentiometer? I assume it doesn't know where your feedback delay is set for example. So if the knob was at 12:00 for preset A and your feedback is set to 5% for preset B, what...
  10. slinky005

    Resetting Amp blocks

    Having updated to 5.07 from 3.xx I am in the process of resetting amp blocks, Is it only the BMT page settings that initialize?
  11. slinky005

    Axe-Fx 3 Amp Block Valve Configurations?

    I agree. The difference is so subtle I just don't go there for any adjustment.
  12. slinky005

    FC-12 freeze

    I will sleep uninterrupted tonight.
  13. slinky005

    FC-12 freeze

    I used my FC-6 first time at a gig last week. It froze after running for several hours a couple of times. I was running an older FW (3.xx) I am now on 5.7 - should I expect the new FW to have resolved the issue?
  14. slinky005

    FC: which external switches?

    Using a Boss FS-6. One TRS wire for two switches. Works great.
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