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Recent content by Sixstring

  1. Sixstring

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    Ah, sorry a little confused as to the question... I sent them an email on March 6th letting them know I was interested, a reply was sent immediately letting me know they would contact me with an invite!
  2. Sixstring

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    I didn't see one in the email :( I have an order ID. Unless you're talking about the order confirmation time which was 11:32 4/2
  3. Sixstring

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    Wait listed 3/6, Received 4/2 10:21 - Ordered 4/2 11:32.
  4. Sixstring

    Considering Selling My Suhr Custom Modern

    When comparing a Suhr headstock to say a Fender Strat I'll take the Suhr, can't stand the bulbus look of the Fender.
  5. Sixstring

    Forum is faster!

    It does seem faster either way I like the new look!
  6. Sixstring

    CLR crossover frequency?

    I could be wrong but I do remember it being mentioning it was a little higher up than a typical two way design, 2.5k if I recall but it's been a few years so don't hold me to it :rolleyes:.
  7. Sixstring

    Add Tremolo with EXP?

    I just use the auto on/off function and set the rate for the maximum the song requires at full toe down!
  8. Sixstring

    King's X

    You can bump the input trim to simulate a hotter pickup to a degree so It can kind of work. I have a Thornbucker + in the bridge of my CT with it coil tapped the tone is very convincing for the Gretchen era. For a different gain structure I just go full humbucking and add more gain and I can...
  9. Sixstring

    Live with my Toto Tribute band - AX8 on Stage - Atomica amp

    That was a great effort! but someone should have thrown gas on the people in the audience and tossed a lit match, those people should have been on their feet after that performance.
  10. Sixstring

    Preset Per Song = Nightmare?

    It really depends on how far you want to go with covering the song. As mentioned above if you can get away with a generalization with one amp and using drives or XY switching you can cover a lot of ground while sharing the same effects. If you are covering a specific song with a signature...
  11. Sixstring

    Midlife Crisis Car

    I had a 71 RS split bump for a brief while but the 69 won out! Of the first gen the 69 is the favorite!
  12. Sixstring

    Schaller "S" Locks - Shop Smart, Shop S-Locks!

    Nice, but I'm still partial to Dunlop strap locks!
  13. Sixstring

    Midlife Crisis Car

    Nice! But I will see your 70 1/2 and raise you a 69 RS! I love these year cars the only body years that look like a hot rod. To me these cars always get respect even if your not a Chevy fan.
  14. Sixstring

    Best speaker for AX8?

    RCF NX12 sma is great alternative to the CLR, Supposably Full compass has a pretty good deal on them but you need to call.
  15. Sixstring

    Mixers today

    Man that's an expensive little mixer!!
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