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  1. Sixstring

    King's X...Amp and IR?

    You might try using a verb (studio) mixed on the light side with a lot of early reflections coupled with the enhancer!
  2. Sixstring

    Something pretty cool happened last night.....

    Hit up a Harbor Freight and get some pick and pluck for some customized padding! Or you could get one of the Ridgid parts cases! should fit perfect. I think the internal Dims on that case are 20-1/4" x 10-3/4" x 3-3/4"!
  3. Sixstring

    The FM3 or FM9 for my needs?

    I ran an H9 Dark outboard because I was worried about the verbs not sounding good enough. Fact is after I had that unit for about a month I realized that it didn't make that much difference. I sold the H9 and started organizing my preset layouts in a manner that works with the given CPU of the...
  4. Sixstring

    The FM3 or FM9 for my needs?

    Simply put the Verbs are way more CPU intensive when compared to the Delays. The FM9 has a dedicated CPU to handle that the FM3 does not.
  5. Sixstring

    2 expression pedals

    dbInsterments 4e for me! first and foremost was the real estate that it didn't consume, second I only need one foot to change two things at once! 3rd I still have two other ports on the pedal that I can use to control any outboard effects should I need to. As to controlling effects the sky's...
  6. Sixstring

    The FM3 or FM9 for my needs?

    If CPU limitations are your main concern you have answered your own question. That said I ran with an FM3 for a year and never really worried about CPU limitations to the point where I had buyers remorse. For me the only reason to run with an FM3 is if you really need compact portability and...
  7. Sixstring

    "We've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty" (Song)

    I always answer wait for someone to pickup then with a dark whisper "The job is done and I want the rest of the payment in cash and if you don't pay me I will be coming for you" then hang up.
  8. Sixstring

    Control Switches Within FAS Units

    These are great tips! especially if you don't want to use an expression pedal.
  9. Sixstring

    Does the FM9 devalue the FM3 on the used market?

    To buy something, use it for a year then sell it for what you paid for it providing you didn't over pay is the best one can ask for! Try that with anything else guitar gear related it would be hit and miss at best. I would bet money you can pull up graphs of all of the FAS legacy gear and see...
  10. Sixstring

    FM9 Case?

    YES! Love the 4E Once I saw the Pete Thorn demo I knew I had to have it! The only way that could have been better is if the chassis was made from Aluminum. The Steel is a tad heavy but still worth it. The T1M R2E2 is a holdover from my FM3 board! I'm currently waiting for a box to build a...
  11. Sixstring

    Atomic CLR for bass?

    ^^^ Agreed! It's hard to get an FR cab to handle Bass freqs without building something specifically for the job. For what it might cost to do that I would be looking at a Phill Jones or Mark Bass combo type of solution, fairly light weight and pack a pretty good punch!
  12. Sixstring

    Is there logic/reasoning behind the factory presets from banks A-C?

    Ha! I like your OCD sir! was thinking of doing the same.
  13. Sixstring

    Is FM 9 as powerful as AXE FX ll ?

    Bottom line is yes! The differences between the two algo's alone are pretty significant! Then there are the hardware differences which are not really comparable but the FM platform is definitely more refined and the FM9 processing power with not leave you wanting unless you are into massive...
  14. Sixstring

    Does the FM9 devalue the FM3 on the used market?

    Ha! I have a looper so I can play both of them at the same time and put Marry had a little lamb over the top of all of it!
  15. Sixstring

    How would you describe this drum beat?

    Ha It looks like the Bass player was invited to the wrong gig! I feel that this vid should be mashed up to modern music!
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