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Recent content by simonp54

  1. simonp54

    Virtual Rehearsal Software

    Physical distance is no measure of the internet traversing that your packets will do.
  2. simonp54

    FC Windows, just too small

    The original answer I got from cliff about the design choice for the screens was that these are the best for operating in bright sunlight. That may well be true, but I never(well, very rarely) play in direct sunlight. I guess they are also cheaper than other options like OLED, which I have...
  3. simonp54

    FM3 Now Shipping

    very near April but... G66 list. :confused:
  4. simonp54

    Triple Crest at default settings = instant Foo Fighters

    @yek youre right on there
  5. simonp54

    FM3 General Discussion Thread

    Did anyone ask G66 yet when they expect units for their waitlist?
  6. simonp54

    Axe FX 3 and Latency in Reaper

    Ahhhhh I’m still on 5
  7. simonp54

    Axe FX 3 and Latency in Reaper

    to "fix it" you can use the nudge feature in Reaper, but I don't have this latency issue here.
  8. simonp54

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.01

    I have noticed that AxeEdit isn't refreshing the AMP blocks (possibly affects others but I haven't researched)... FW12.01 and AxeEdit 1.04.00. To reproduce, load a preset that you know what amp it should use. Likely it will show you the last amp that was modified and all the controls at noon...
  9. simonp54

    Noise gate at input vs sidechain to input

    Just out of interest because i haven’t checked in a while... has the gate acquired an inverse side chain detect yet? I have a method for doing it, but wondered if the block got an upgrade and i missed it. (I use this inverse gate to control my guitar input whilst playing a piano and vs versa)
  10. simonp54

    Mix parameter not correct

    No m No modifier on the control here.
  11. simonp54

    Mix parameter not correct

    I have noticed since the “update to messaging” for axeedit3, that the Mix parameter is often not correct (currently on a delay that i noticed it again). E.g. it is currently showing 15% but the dial is at the max. Not sure whether it is just a display bug or the parameter is not correctly set...
  12. simonp54

    Storing FC-6 in a rack?

    I had a laptop on one of those drawers... they are heavy. I don’t think you’ll get the unit in because of the close dimension issue of 88 vs 89m. That draw will eat some of that.
  13. simonp54

    Redeveloping an ear for tone?

    Also removes “pick noise” which can contribute to what you think you hear at low volumes... but at gig level... it’s not there!
  14. simonp54

    Pre-purchase thoughts

    Also the return policy.......
  15. simonp54

    Intermittent non operation of stand in switch

    Ill see how 1.10 goes. Thx @BryantP
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