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Recent content by silence.speaks

  1. silence.speaks

    Any EBMM owners?

    Am I too late to join the 3 Luke club. I cheated with a Luke 2, a Luke 3 with rosewood neck and a BFR Luke 3.
  2. silence.speaks

    Help please with global virtual capo

    I don't know about multiple presets, I guess you just make the pitch block a global block. Insert a pitch block, set to virtual capo -1, set bypass as a control switch, and set up selected control switch on your FC12, I also set up a custom label such as "drop tune".
  3. silence.speaks

    Guitars with similar necks to EBMM Luke III

    I've got a Luke 2, Luke 3 and a Suhr Modern. The 2 has a more pronounced V compared to the 3 but neither is like the Suhr which is a modern C. I've heard that the Eric Clapton sig has a soft V but I believe only the Luke's have a V with 1 5/8 in nut.
  4. silence.speaks

    Switching between FM3 layout and OMG9 layout

    Awesome idea and I'll now go check out the OMG3. Thanks!
  5. silence.speaks

    Switching between FM3 layout and OMG9 layout

    Bank size of 3 with 2 layouts and 2 views with just the FM3 and stand in switches, nothing complicated, just didn't want to redo it just to try the OMG9 layout.
  6. silence.speaks

    Switching between FM3 layout and OMG9 layout

    I've spent a good amount of time customizing the FM3 with stand in switches and layout links, if I load the OMG9 layout do I lose my FM3 layout? How do I revert back to my layout when I don't need the OMG9 layout? Thanks for your knowledge all.
  7. silence.speaks

    Any ESP E-II ST-1 players........

    Yeah mine is shorter than the neck too. When I got the guitar it really annoyed me because I expected perfection from the Japanese. I'm over it now, it's my main gigging guitar.
  8. silence.speaks

    Any ESP E-II ST-1 players........

    Took a peek under mine and the neck is routed for a humbucker. ST-1 made in 2013.
  9. silence.speaks

    Neat Christmas cover: rock version of Mr. Grinch

    Small Town Titans are a great band and their original stuff rocks hard as well.
  10. silence.speaks

    Any EBMM owners?

    Correct, a core Custom 24.
  11. silence.speaks

    Any EBMM owners?

    I've got a Luke 2, Luke 3 and Luke 3 BFR. You could say I'm a fan. The smaller bodies and necks of the Luke models fit my physique. Speaking of necks, I love the gun oil/wax finish and apply it to all my satin necks. But I've got to say, my CU24 is the most playable guitar I own.
  12. silence.speaks

    New album from Hum

    It's a great album, can't believe it's been 22 years. Hope you're doing well down there in S FL Sean.
  13. silence.speaks

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    These threads always give me a reality check... Guitars: PRS Custom 24 Wood Library, PRS Mira ESP USA M-III, ESP S-500, ESP E-II ST-1, Edwards Desorption (Exhibit build), LTD MH-1000ET EBMM Luke 2, Luke 3, Luke 3 BFR Suhr Modern Satin Warrior Isabella Jericho Edge baritone and 7 string JTV 69...
  14. silence.speaks

    Baritone guitars... And, go!

    I've got one from Jericho Guitars that fills the need for me.
  15. silence.speaks

    Upgrading (drop tuning)

    I kept my drop in the front of the III. I use it to go a full step down and the pitch block is passable with distortion but clean I can hear the warble in my IEM's.
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