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Recent content by Sidivan

  1. Sidivan

    Updating from Pre-Quantum to 9.04

    Years ago, I found the tone I was looking for and dialed it in with my bands, so I stopped updating (v13ish). I know a ton has changed, but my main question is if I'm going to run into any issues with my MFC settings. I don't have a problem having to re-dial in patches, but I've got some pretty...
  2. Sidivan

    1500 bucks, you say, Line6?

    For some reason I couldn't listen to the clips twice. I got 1 wrong and one I marked "Not sure", but I'm fairly certain I could've identified that one if I could've went back and listened to A.
  3. Sidivan

    Love the new titles

    Posting to check title. Edit: Fanatic sounds about right. I'm digging this new forum design, btw. Haven't visited on a computer for awhile.
  4. Sidivan

    Village Idiot

    Village Idiot
  5. Sidivan

    Strap locks

    I tried these for awhile, but I found that it was stripping out my strap buttons. I kept having to tighten the buttons and couldn't figure it out for the longest time. I took these off and it was fine.
  6. Sidivan

    Strap locks

    Such an accurate description. Panic, disbelief, pit in the stomach...
  7. Sidivan

    Strap locks

    Dunlop flush mounts. Literally every guitar I own has them. LOVE them.
  8. Sidivan

    Why Are drummers normally Unintelligent and Lazy?

    You do realize that 1% in decimal form is .01, right?
  9. Sidivan

    What do you play during sound check?

    The other guitarist and I are both huge Metallica fans, so we each bring a different Metallica song to soundcheck every gig. It's fun to see what the other guy is going to do. As a band, we do something with 3 part harmony and/or vocal layers so we can check levels. Dead-eye Dick's "New Age...
  10. Sidivan

    Strandberg Guitars

    This is an old thread, but since it came back up, here's the Carbon Fiber guitar I was talking about.
  11. Sidivan

    #1 Biggest User Error

    Thank you Cliff! I always feel like I have my master volume too high, but it just sounds better cranked up. My MV is at like... 2 o'clock on all my patches. Real amps drive me crazy because there's always that ledge where it's either too quiet or too loud. The Axe Fx doesn't have that point...
  12. Sidivan

    Is the Axe losing its resale value?

    Exactly. Electronics holding value for 10 years is actually a damn good.
  13. Sidivan

    NGD - Gittler

    Interesting. I'm a thumb-over player, so no way it would work for me, but I'm extremely curious. OFF TO YOUTUBE!
  14. Sidivan

    New from Marshall!!! It's a... phone?

    I wonder if it has that tube "warmth" and "squish" when listening to MP3's.
  15. Sidivan

    GIGWRX FX Labels Facebook Page. Check Us Out!!

    Love love love my gigwrx labels!
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