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Recent content by Shredology

  1. Shredology

    NGD - well, sort of

    Looks killer, awesome job with the paint!
  2. Shredology

    Axe-Fx III into another audio interface

    I ended up using this and plug everything, including the Axe into it. It has a return from the PC so I can mix playback audio from the PC with the Axe and keyboard, etc. Works really well. StudioLive® AR12c
  3. Shredology

    What happened to Artists Presets?

    I don't know which is worse these days. The attitude of entitlement or the ability to easily share one's stupid opinions with the world.
  4. Shredology

    Dark Mode for the Forum?

    I like it!
  5. Shredology

    Axe-Fx III menus extremely slow all of a sudden [solved]

    I had this happen. Redownloaded the FW and reinstalled it and everything was back to normal. Also the first time this has happened to me.
  6. Shredology

    Axe-Fx iii cases

    I have a white one for sale. PM me and I'll make you a deal if interested.
  7. Shredology

    Vendor Friedman 2020 Preset

    Ah! now I'm less confused. The original post sounded like he was giving us a preset but no link anywhere. Weird way to present something.
  8. Shredology

    Best FRFR for FM3 (Poll inside)

    Wow!! I've never even heard of this before and I though my finger was on the pulse of the all things guitar related:p
  9. Shredology

    Best FRFR for FM3 (Poll inside)

    FRFR but more of a backline choice than a monitor. I didn't realize all in your list were configured as monitors to sit in front of you but they are. Sorry, my bad.
  10. Shredology

    Best FRFR for FM3 (Poll inside)

    line 6 power cab
  11. Shredology

    Is it just me?

    Don't laugh but my theory is that this is autism spectrum stuff. The link between music and math has long been established and the fretboard is a repeating pattern which autistic kids recognize with great ease. I really wonder if that is the key to a musical prodigy.
  12. Shredology

    Tom Anderson vintage tremolo opinions

    I agree with you. The NFT Floyd seems very nicely made, and like I said, has nice feel and sustain.
  13. Shredology

    Tom Anderson vintage tremolo opinions

    Another thing to note. The NFT Floyds are made in Korea. If that implies anything about quality then you have to consider it.
  14. Shredology

    Tom Anderson vintage tremolo opinions

    It is pretty stiff. I am not a dive bomber, mostly just a soft flutter. The blade runner just doesn't give me that fine, smooth feel. There is also something about it that looks a little cheap. I'm not going to say I hate it, Just not as nice as the NFT Floyd or vega. The thing I have not tried...
  15. Shredology

    Tom Anderson vintage tremolo opinions

    Never had a problem, It is less than others though because the thing is crazy tiny.
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