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Recent content by Shenks

  1. Shenks

    High gain amp simulation feedback solutions?

    Not that I've got an Axe FX III (yet!) but it applies to all FRFR applications and hence by extension to PA systems in varying degrees, so could this feedback be described as tweeter squeal? I'd look at is being a possibility since I had exactly the same issue at a motorbike rally last year - I...
  2. Shenks

    Pitched Based Gate

    I once tried something similar using a pitch controller modifier with a pitch shift block to emulate octaves on upper strings only, however since a note has the fundamental and harmonics/sub-harmonics it wasn't too successful. My curiosity is now going to get the better of me and I will try a...
  3. Shenks

    Drive Block Status

    All of this good stuff just makes me want an Axe FX III all the more... they say the best things come to those who wait (i.e. waiting for my gear fund pot to increase) but I don't have much patience so I suspect my credit card may take an unplanned hit.
  4. Shenks

    Win10 and USB driver issue

    I only installed Win10 last week (yeah - I know, behind the times) and as yet haven't had any issues apart from the Fractal USBAudio control panel occasionally not disappearing to the system tray on bootup. Agree with @alpine1 you may need to investigate via device manager to see what is...
  5. Shenks

    Rear Ports Play Seems Excessive

    The only thing I ever disconnect/reconnect is the USB as everything else goes through a patch panel in the rack. Having said that, all the ports on the Axe FX XL+ seems to be a good fit with no excessive play.
  6. Shenks

    Time to choose a different FRFR solution

    Thanks for that @rm60 as I hadn't conserved that as an option - although here in good old blighty they are slightly more expensive at £815 than the CLR at £799. Time for me to now review the forum threads for the Dynacord. Overall, although the Flexsys Fm12 is cheaper than both of the above...
  7. Shenks

    Time to choose a different FRFR solution

    For the past 18 months I have been using a Matrix Q12 (Passive) with a Crown Xli power amp for my stage sound but I am now looking to get an active FRFR monitor. I do experience a bit of tweeter squeal with the Q12 when we are on a cramped stage, in some venues I can be as little as 3 foot away...
  8. Shenks

    Best way to control feedback in live situations?

    I had a similar issue which after some investigation on the forum all seemed to be described as tweeter squeal which is an issue restricted to FRFR monitors/speakers. Have a search and you will find quite a bit of info but for me I had to tweak my presets, notch a few frequencies, and watch that...
  9. Shenks

    GT1000FX and Q12 for Axe-Fx

    @unix-guy - I think my perception is based on always using open back cabs (and possibly also based on faulty memory). But notwithstanding that, the Q12 is quoted as having 'a wide field of sound' by Matrix but that's not my experience.
  10. Shenks

    GT1000FX and Q12 for Axe-Fx

    Although I don't (yet) have a Matrix GT100FX, I do have a Q12 which I use on stage with the band. It is fairly directional despite what you may read in the specs, and this is probably because it functions nothing like a traditional guitar cab. You are certainly not going to get that 'amp in the...
  11. Shenks

    Art sla2 and Matrix FR212, compatible?

    Well I almost kinda agree that used moderately it MAY be fine (and everybody can have a different opinion) but... Consider this, if the SLA2 supplies 560W bridged at 8ohms then as a consequence it has an associated Current and Volts. If you reduce the impedance to 4 ohm then not only will your...
  12. Shenks

    Art sla2 and Matrix FR212, compatible?

    According to the tech specs, the SLA2 can be used in bridge mode to deliver 560W into an 8ohm load. The FR212 is available either in 4ohm or 16ohm. Not recommended to run the SLA2 bridged into a 4ohm FR212 because you are liable to cook something. Running into a 16ohm FR212 will reduce the...
  13. Shenks

    Input 2 / Output 2

    As I don't use the additional inputs somebody else will probably point you in the right direction or confirm what I am saying and I'm not near my unit at the moment but do you have the FX Loop block in your preset? If I remember correctly Input 2 will function as an auxiliary input only if you...
  14. Shenks

    Cab advice please....

    There is quite a bit of info on the forum about the experience of moving to FRFR from a traditional cab... Some people make the switch and never look back, others just can't get their head or ears around it because they are so used to the 'cab in the room' experience. You do get the added...
  15. Shenks

    Cab advice please....

    I already use a Q12 FRFR as backline and my next purchase is quite likely to be the Matrix FR212 (4ohm 500W) but I don't know if you have considered these already?
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