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Recent content by Secret80'sMan

  1. Secret80'sMan

    Eli Young Band

    Sweet looking rig for sure.
  2. Secret80'sMan

    EZdrummer 2

    Got confirmation from TT that the installer only works with windows 7 so I guess I am hosed and a reg hack is likely wishful thinking but thanks for the suggestion. I may have a EZD2 license to sell (that was their proposed solution to the problem, for me to go sell their software on the open...
  3. Secret80'sMan

    EZdrummer 2

    Uh, no I don't. The system I have works great and I have the latest compatible and functioning versions of all my important programs (Sonar, Sound Forge, etc). I don't have a need for anything more in the performance dept so I will keep it like this. I have always been on the cutting edge of...
  4. Secret80'sMan

    EZdrummer 2

    Yeah the product looks great but those pricks at "ToonTricks" pulled a fast one on every single one of us that still runs our DAW's on XP. They sold EZD1 and promised an upgrade to 2 posting specs that said it worked with XP and then just a day or two ago changed that once they got all their...
  5. Secret80'sMan

    Modern country tones

    Thanks so much guys. Lots of helpful advice. Took a little from everyone's posts and got some decent things working. I also heard Gretsch with Filter torn pickups is a good choice.
  6. Secret80'sMan

    Dayum, Carol-Ann Tucana 3

    I absolutely love this thread and I am blown away by this amp. I think if I buy a new amp this has to be it. The design is so practical too. Can't wait to test drive the model. Thanks Alan for the amp and Cliff for modeling it.
  7. Secret80'sMan

    Modern country tones

    Am recording and helping to write some stuff along the lines of the crop of modern country guys. What amps and cabs in the axe fx can you guys recommend for both the dirty tones and cleanish/grit tones being used today. I am on fw14 with basic cabs that came with the axe. Any help would be...
  8. Secret80'sMan

    Live Cover: Mr.Big: Daddy, Brother, Lover, little boy

    Nice job man. Don't you need a drill to play those notes at the end!?!?! ;-)
  9. Secret80'sMan

    Crazy Train Solo

    That sounds great man, especially the riff at the end.
  10. Secret80'sMan

    Satriani - Revelation jam with TAF UltraRes !!

    Sounds cool man, I dig it.
  11. Secret80'sMan

    How do I run my talkbox with the AxeFx2

    Control what on the Banshee with the MFC? If you're talking about the actual effect that requires your mouth it would be the equivalent of asking the MFC to play your guitar parts for you. Or you could use the talk box simulator in the Axe that Cliff I believe is rolling out soon when it debuts...
  12. Secret80'sMan

    Comfortably Numb FW13.07

    Nice job brotha! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Secret80'sMan

    "USA Rhythm" Amp model and Fender Strat

    Great tune and great playing bud! Great job!
  14. Secret80'sMan

    Eric Johnson Tone - Cliffs of Dover

    One of the best things I've seen in a long time! Wow! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Secret80'sMan

    Live, rehersal, practice rig

    Would love to have a floor unit Axe Fx that was compatible with Axe II patches albeit more limited as a good rehearsal/backup unit. I always loved the design of the pod X3 live units from a portability standpoint even though the sound was crap. I would use it for rehearsal and then feel...
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