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  • Here's hoping you get well soon, 80s man! The holidays is no time for staying at home with flu. Take care and Happy New Year! PS. Your inbox is full! ;)
    Hey, I was reading a post on Axe and GCP set up that you provided some good comments on and I noticed that you're in the DC area.

    Here's what I'd like to set up. I'm used to gigging with a Mesa Mark V and pedalboard, so I'd initially like to have accessible via the GCP 4-5 clean/gritty/distorted amp sounds with individually assigned GCP buttons, and then a handful of effects accessible from separate buttons (phaser, chorus, solo boost, etc) that can overlay on those 4-5 amp presets. I'd even be open to a different set up if you know of a more efficient one.

    Here's the gear that I'm working with:
    -Axe FX Ultra
    -Furman power conditioner
    -ART SLA-2 power amp
    -Mesa Boogie rectifier 2x12 slant cab
    -Voodoo Lab GCP
    -Ernie Ball wah/volume pedeal

    Let me know if you can help. I think if I could pay you for an in-person afternoon, or even an hour, it could really help me understand how to get started. Thanks for considering.

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