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Recent content by secondwindow

  1. secondwindow

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 7.00

    XFMR = transformer
  2. secondwindow

    Wish Tuner offset block + offset profiles library

    +1 for being able to save at least a few tuning offsets.
  3. secondwindow

    How to make my guitar sound like a Uke / Ukulele?

    Try any or all of these ideas ... playing the high four strings only, capo at the ninth or tenth fret, mute the strings by placing a piece of tissue under them near the bridge, use a thin pick held loosely, find an Axe tone that suits.
  4. secondwindow

    Need your help Fractal Community!

    To clarify: Not a UPS Store, but a UPS Customer Center. I've ordered the Fractal items as usual and just used the UPS CC as the shipping address.
  5. secondwindow

    Need your help Fractal Community!

    You could have the item shipped direct to a UPS Customer Center. That's what I did.
  6. secondwindow

    Estimated selling time ?

    Looks like it could be Tom Scholz.
  7. secondwindow

    Golden ratio delays

    Great tip - I've put this to use already!
  8. secondwindow

    FC-12 Arrived and Get smaller displays to work

    I believe you need to set up you AFXIII to recognize your FC. That info is in the Quick Start guide, I think.
  9. secondwindow

    Thinking about my next unit, questions

    Just got on the FM3 Wait List.
  10. secondwindow

    Can we control channels on real amp with FC?

    Good tip! And, the FootSim is way less expensive than what I paid for the Amp Gizmo and has a smaller footprint. I should have asked around before I purchased.
  11. secondwindow

    Can we control channels on real amp with FC?

    In case this helps: I used to use an Amp Gizmo with the Mark V and AFXII I used to have. That worked fine for me.
  12. secondwindow

    EV1 Modded for double functionality

    Cool idea - thanks for sharing. I may try this, too - now that my EV-1 is no longer under warranty.
  13. secondwindow

    Update on the FC12? I got the FC6 but this FC12 seems to be a biaatch to get.

    Indeed! I got impatient waiting on the FC-12 and ordered the FC-6, only to return it knowing I'd be happier with the FC-12. I wish I hadn't had to wait for close to 10 months for my FC-12 invite, but that's how long it took. With all the amazing things the FAS folks do, I have to believe that...
  14. secondwindow

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Signed up for the wait list on 22 June. Received my invite at 11:08 MT today. Placed my order for the FC-12 at 18:49 MT.
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