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  1. secondwindow

    Piezo - PRS vs EBMM

    Same here. I've installed those in a few guitars in the past. The 13-pin Roland options worked really well, too.
  2. secondwindow


    Cool. It takes a little getting used to. There's a lot of folks with tons of knowledge and experience - all very helpful. It's a good place to be. Welcome!
  3. secondwindow


    I suggest posting your question in the Axe-Edit forum. More likely to get answers there.
  4. secondwindow

    EZ Drummer 3

    I think EZdrummer would be more than you'd need to spend for backing tracks. Also, EZdrummer wouldn't really be backing tracks, but drums only. I've used EZdrummer along with EZbass and EZkeys to create my own backing tracks and that works well for me. But, I bought those to help put together...
  5. secondwindow

    Dummy Coils / Air Coils

    My experience with the Suhr SSCII is similar to yours. I have no complaints at all about that system, although I don't profess to have golden ears.
  6. secondwindow

    Social media

    I sign-up for FB a long time ago, over 15 years at least. I only did that to reconnect with a friend and singer from a band I started in the '90s. Now, we'll talk over email or phone, but never FB. Otherwise, I'm not using FB - never look at it unless someone I know DMs me. When I have looked...
  7. secondwindow

    Austin Buddy's packs... Should we have both of them?

    Great info - makes me want to revisit the Naked Amps TonePack.
  8. secondwindow

    Versatility--PRS 509, 513 or.....Gibson Nighthawk

    If you're reading this sitting in a room with a Nighthawk, '59 LP, '61 strat, and a red Ibanez strat-oid ... Swiping a trademan's tools is lousy. Give that stuff back.
  9. secondwindow

    New computer questions

    Like the saying goes ... "There are two kinds of people ... those that backup and those that will."
  10. secondwindow

    EZ Drummer 3

    I'm getting some good use out of the Americana and Rock! expansions.
  11. secondwindow

    New computer questions

    That’s what I was thinking, too. Also, if the OS/programs are on the same drive as samples, there’d be more competition for throughput, I think.
  12. secondwindow

    New computer questions

    Is your computer going be preconfigured with the OS on the SSD? If so, and you’re up to installing the OS on the HDD, I’d consider doing that and using the SSD for samples and audio. My earlier suggestion assumed the smaller SSD would be the boot drive. Will your new computer support more...
  13. secondwindow

    New computer questions

    If that were my setup ... I'd use the SSD for OS and programs. Everything else, I'd put on the HHD.
  14. secondwindow

    Struggling user - I can't get anywhere close to my prophecy's gain and sustain, please help.

    Yup. +125 posts and the OP hasn't posted what we need to help us to help them.
  15. secondwindow

    Struggling user - I can't get anywhere close to my prophecy's gain and sustain, please help.

    I've been wondering that, too. If it is a "plant", all they've really proven is that there a few, if any, tones you can't get with the Axe-FX and that there are usually several approaches to get a particular tone. And, that our forum members are incredibly knowledgeable and very generous with...
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