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Recent content by seclusion

  1. seclusion

    Discovery of the Day... 058: 5F8 Tweed

    On my Ax8, it’s been my amp since 2016, use a shimmer drive for lead. I bought a pack of amp presets (a lot of them) dialed in right. i think I’ve found a replacement amp, then AB them and back I go.
  2. seclusion

    Hiwatt, SMH

    In the fringe world it makes sense
  3. seclusion

    I'll never understand what makes it so difficult...

    I also would say that until I had a Fractal unit, I wasn’t hearing all my mistakes / crap guitar as easily. So for sure my playing has improved, bought some better setup instruments. But for me being able to clearly hear an amp/cab combo with blowing my ears off has been a godsend. Still on an...
  4. seclusion

    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    Wow, the clips are sounding completely alive! This may pull me away from my Ax8. Birthdays coming....
  5. seclusion

    AX8 restarting when I hit a footswitch? wtfff

    I’m in Costa Rica, play on the ocean, contact spray is in my gig bag. 3in1 light dab on the foot switches I use. spray and wipe cables constantly. debating a battery backup as most locations have bad power and power outages constantly
  6. seclusion

    AX8 restarting when I hit a footswitch? wtfff

    Never had that issue, suggest another power cord, open up the unit and ensure all ribbon cables are connected, or better yet, reseat them. If you are in a humid area maybe contact spraying all connections.
  7. seclusion

    Stringing up guitar concept

    Locking tuners, I wind extra string around the tuner and clip excess leaving 2” of string, this allows me to move the string down when I break at the floyd, edge brand whammy bridge. I think I’ve had maybe 2-3 strings break somewhere else in my hundreds of string changes. Always at the bridge.
  8. seclusion

    Next big thing for Fractal

    IFAM Internet Forum Agree Mechanism. Where all posters first fact-check their responses which result in no conflict, factual posts, opinions are filtered to super small font. A) results in far fewer posts, as many posters are busy learning how to fact check. B) same as above only regarding...
  9. seclusion

    You Guys/Gals Are in for Another Treat

    This is in response to the how close is your string height at 13th fret! It is suggested for this FW to adjust for higher action
  10. seclusion

    Lok-N-Roll Compensated Locking Nut

    I had this problem with my new Ibanez Premium S1070, see attached... I traded the locking tuners from my retired RG770 that fit snug in the new saddle. The originals seen here on my old RG twisted slightly when tightened. Never had that on 8-9 locking guitars I’ve had. never noticed for a month...
  11. seclusion

    AX8 starts automatically scrolling banks

    Contact spray,
  12. seclusion

    Do you actually wait 5 seconds for firmware reboot?

    Thinking for tech support... 1st question, did you wait 5 seconds before restarting after firmware update? If no, No support for you! :p
  13. seclusion

    FM3 thru USB frustrations

    Try changing Logic to 48kh
  14. seclusion

    New FM ???

    The Floor Monster 2000. Whoo... Once you get your vaccine, with 5G, you will be able to control your Fractal device with your mind. No buttons needed. We suggest you learn proper guitar amp terms to have better control of your device...
  15. seclusion

    AX8-Edit 1.9.2 (public beta for Big Sur)

    Seems ok on my iMac
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