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Recent content by Se7en

  1. Se7en

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.00 "Cygnus"

    I've tried almost every major firmware update since axefx2_xlplus_Quantum_5p02.syx and I must say 16.00 "Cygnus" are the best improvement (yet?). There hade been said it was not possible to make the modeling better many times before but I always felt it lacked something. Recording has always...
  2. Se7en

    Axe Fx III on USB-C of 2020 Macbook Pro 13''

    This reminds me of the classic clip:
  3. Se7en

    Vendor Producer Impulse Responses from major metal albums [Bogren Digital] - FREE UPDATE!

    I really like the idea of ready mixes instead of thousand different IRs. I have been using the ML mixes for most of my patches but I found some really nice one in this pack. I just miss the documentation of the IR's because it's hard to know by the naming =)
  4. Se7en

    USB disconnecting

    Try to disable all other Playback and recording devices under Sound settings. That's have decreased my UBS disconnections in Windows 10. The quality of the USB cable has nothing to do with the disconnections to do, of course it may not be broken.
  5. Se7en

    Fryette LXII

    That's maybe why it has taken them 8 years to release the LXII. They needed a better(faster) fan to cool the tubes =)
  6. Se7en

    PSA: Interesting post on the Atomic Amps CLR Forum NOS CLR NEO Flash Sale $899

    @Tom King : Will the Neo MKII be available in europe in near future as well?
  7. Se7en

    Implemented DOD 250 (gray version)

    Wow, I've been waiting for this one. A long time Yngwie fan
  8. Se7en

    Vendor [ML Sound Lab] Halloween Cab Pack

    Purchased! I really like the mixes idea, I rather have a few good professional mixes than thousand of single IRs. I use Zila, Mega and ML-Bulb-Zilla mixes especially the tortilla-mix that's my first to go IR.
  9. Se7en

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 9.01

    Wow, the Gain Enhancer is really awesome. I rarely use advanced parameters, Dyn Depth with my matrix and input boost at taste just to not use the Drive block. GE is a real gamechanger with FRFR at bedroom levels and recording situations. Next generation guitarists won't have to suffer of Tinnitus.
  10. Se7en

    Matrix FR212A

    Still no reviews here =) ? Don't know if I should order this or 2 x DXR12 mkII I was an idiot 2 years ago selling my two CLRs and now they are hard to find...
  11. Se7en

    Matrix FR212A

    Matrix has just released an updated active FR212A. The powermodule is based of the reliable GM50 module http://uk.matrixamplification.com/speakers/fr212a-240.html .. what's interesting in DSP mode 2 there's a fletcher muncher compensation.
  12. Se7en

    Instrument Input Setting? 95%

    My input1 is 13.5% and I have medium to high output pickups
  13. Se7en

    Yamaha DXR10 mkII

    .. sounds interesting, they have updated DXR12 and DXR15 as well. I regret sold my two CLRs a couple years ago and now they hard to get.
  14. Se7en

    Any news on the Fryette LXII?

    It must be something that Fryette can't solve, could be the 1u size and the heat from the tubes !?! From paper it could be their best selling product which all Fractal/Kemper & Helix users would invest it. If you have the money, almost 4 grands for the Classic XXX 30th Anniversary =)
  15. Se7en

    Noisy Fan

    The fan noise has been discussed since AxeFx 2 Mark I released. My mark I (G66 replaced with a new) and XL was dead quite, the III sounds more than my laptop which in a recording sessions is quite annoying. I would have easily paid $200 more for a better cooling option from factory because it...
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