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  • Hey Sandmannn69,

    Noticed in your profile that you own Adam A7X monitors. How do you like them with the Fractal gear? My FM9 (first Fractal product) is arriving tomorrow, and I'll be using my Headrush 108's. Just wondering how the A7X's sound to your ears. Thanks!
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    Hey Pete,
    Been using these A7X monitors since 2012 (Axefx2) and they have always sounded great. Checked them against a number of different brands at Guitar Center in 2012, they were the most evenly balanced and best-sounding monitors of the bunch. Leon Todd(2112) uses them and all his presets from his YT videos sound identical on my system. Congrats on your FM9, got my invite but still thinking about it.....
    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Leon is the reason I sold my Helix and bought the FM9 :D. With the Helix, I could never get his tones, specifically his absolutely killer Mesa Mark IV rhythm and lead tones, from my Helix. I noticed that he uses the A7Xs too, so thought I'd ask you about yours. Thanks for the info - much appreciated!
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