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Recent content by rrogers

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    Def Leppard Makes the Switch to the Axe-Fx III

    I need to see them live. DL is one group I have been trying to catch for 25 years, but every time they are within a doable distance for me, life (birth of a child, etc.), gets in the way.
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    Axe-Fx II XL vs HELIX

    The Line6 stuff is good for what it is. Buying Line6 is like getting a stock Mustang GT off the lot, while buying a Axe II or III is like getting a Saleen. I think Andertons did a video where they compared the old Pod 2.0 to some current mid-level modelers. You can obtain good tones from the...
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    [NOT A BUG] Tuner is off a bit

    I've had tuner and intonation issues that were the result of old strings or strings with some inconsistency in the windings (on strings 4 through 6).
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    If the III was 2U (or 1U!!!) I would have ordered one by now

    Personally, I wish it was 4 units tall and had more lights (seriously), but I signed up for the wait list anyway.
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    Napoleon Bone Apart

    First I have heard of the Napoleon. I went to the site and saw the Oasis outdoor kitchen setup. That might be a purchase my wife and everyone agrees on. Here in South Carolina, where American Barbecue originated and exists to this day in its finest form, everyone is big on Rec Tec grills. I...
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    Stage "props" instead of cabs?

    I looked into realistic looking fake cabs and the costs were too high compared to buying some of the "cheaper" Marshall cabs used (like the ones they sell for solid state heads). Going that route and selling the speakers out of them might further reduce the cost. I already have a few heads and...
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    Saw Buckethead last night...

    I have all of his pikes - fascinating stuff to listen to.
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    NGD: Fame Forum IV Modern

    Looks quite nice. Is that made at the world plant in South Korea? I have noticed several brands seem to have very playable and well made guitars coming out of that plant.
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    So far I'm not entirely sold on the Axe Fx 3....

    Digitech seems to have always had decent pitch algorithms. Even the old IPS -33 did good shifting for its era. I own many of the devices/instruments designed to allow a player to use a standard tuned instrument to play detuned (or in an alternate tuning). Although most of them are pretty good...
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    NGD Godin A12

    I have always been interested in the Godin Multiacs...this thread and the one on the Turner Model 1 the other day has me thinking it is time to start saving for a few of my "bucket list" guitars.
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    NGD=Rick Turner Featherweight Model 1 Custom!

    Very nice. The Model 1 is definitely an iconic design.
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    New Line 6 FRFR cab - Powercab

    It is an interesting concept, and I would like to see if any other companies produce similar products. As far as the "amp in room" sound, most of the modeler users I hear (or read) talking about missing the "amp in the room" feel with FRFR are referring to missing the thump and air movement of...
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    1 Minute: Make ANY Expression Pedal Spring Loaded!

    Thank you - Will be trying this tonight.
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    Why are there so many d*ckheads on Facebook?

    Hate social media but, except for the occasional idiot I encounter, I love playing co-op zombie mode on call of duty. I have met interesting strangers and has many enjoyable experiences with it, so perhaps there is some hope for the human race. I wonder when or if the “in” thing to do is not I...
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    I would like to post a rant

    I've gone to carrying a few prepaid cards to cover meals and incidental expenses when I travel out of town. I hate the reloading fees, but every time I have had my regular cards popped it was after buying a meal, gas, or small items when out of town. For the card I use for hotel rooms, I have it...
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