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Recent content by rrhoads17

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    FS FM3 & Voes MX-9- $1300.00

    Bumped down to $1300.00
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    Any word on the FM3 getting the Axe III's Pitch Block?

    I think all of this goes back to the fact that the FM3 should have been designed with the Axe III CPU in a smaller format, but I don't know if that is possible. Kinda like a lower end Camaro or Mustang that has a V6 instead of a V8.
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    WTB Roland SDX-330

    Anyone have a Roland SDX-330 that they would be willing to part with?
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    FS FM3 & Voes MX-9- $1300.00

    For sale is an FM3 with a Voes MX-9 midi controller. Both units are pretty much mint. Voes stuff is great and is pre-programmed to work with Fractal units. Asking $1400.00 via PayPal so both parties are protected and shipping is free to CONUS..
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    Friedman Mini BE

    Yeah, I cannot count how many ToneTalk episodes have been done where they have railed against modeling, and now he has ultimately released a modeling amp lol. I think alot of amp makers' hatred towards modeling comes from some companies making crappy sounding models of their amps without their...
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    How do you rate Axe-Fx 3 effects vs Eventide and other high end stuff?

    I think there are alot of issues with using big refrigerator racks nowadays due to reliability and maintenance of those old units, they cost a fortune now, and you really need to know what you are doing or hire someone like LA Sound, Friedman or Bradshaw to put it all together so it will sound...
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    Tone Match Block

    I wish the FM3 would have the Tone Match block. Is it not in the unit due to CPU restrictions?
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    How do you rate Axe-Fx 3 effects vs Eventide and other high end stuff?

    I think another unit the Axe has done an amazing job at is the MXR-117 Flanger. No other pedal or modeler can touch that EVH flanger sound, but the Axe is the closest I've heard, it's basically 99% there.
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    How do you rate Axe-Fx 3 effects vs Eventide and other high end stuff?

    I think Fractal can pretty much emulate any effect with proper tweaking. The only thing that IMO it can't quite get the full vibe of is the Eventide Micro Pitch algorithm or "detune." But it might can with in-depth tweaking that I don't understand how to do. Like if you hear EVH using that patch...
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    AxeFx III Tri-Chorus vs Dytronics, etc.

    To people who have owned a Dytronics, Songbird, Dyno My Piano, etc., how does the Axe's Stereo Tri Chorus measure up to the real thing?
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    How do you rate Axe-Fx 3 effects vs Eventide and other high end stuff?

    I think Bob Bradshaw said that the Axe's 2290 is identical cause he modeled Edge's Fractal units after his old 2290s cause he ran out of presets, and he said you couldn't tell the difference.
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    TC-1210/TC SCF

    Are there any plans in the to implement a model of the TC 1210 and/or the TC SCF? I think the TC 1210 is probably the best rack chorus ever made because it also had a little bit of flanging going on which made it unique to me. I am assuming if one wanted to get that sound currently, you would...
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    FM3 Scene Changes

    Is there any way to set up scenes in a CPU intensive preset where you have a normal delay in one scene and a multidelay like a circular or pan delay in the other scene? I have a preset that barely has enough CPU and if I add another block, it will overdrive the CPU. I assume channel changes...
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    WTB Voes MX-12 (3x4)

    Anyone have one of these they are wanting to part with? I cannot find them on the used market.
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    FM3 Cab-Lab Issue

    I bought the standalone version of Cab Lab so I can convert Axefx III Tonematch blocks from Fractool into an IR. I had the Lite version and it would let me add in the TMA file, but I could not send it to an IR file because I needed the paid version. But on the paid version, it gives me an...
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