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Recent content by RomanMtz

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    FS Pair of almost new Kali Audio LP-6 v2 monitors, Powercon and Ethercon cables

    Selling a pair of Kali LP-6 V2's I don't have space for anymore after a move. Awesome speakers that work great. $320 plus shipping for both. Each would ship separately. Powercon and Ethercon cables $30 shipped for all 3 Please PM any questions. References under RomanMtz on ebay, heatware...
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    SOLD Axe FX 3 Mk1

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    SOLD Axe FX 3 Mk1

    Price drop bump!
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    SOLD Axe FX 3 Mk1

    Still available.
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    SOLD Axe FX 3 Mk1

    Not playing out anymore and planning on moving so I'm going to stick with my FM3. I'm the second owner but unit has never given me any issues. It has lived in a Gator Pro 4U case all its life and is in excellent condition. Have retail box as well. Asking $1,750 shipped. Please PM for...
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    Axe-Fx III USB Audio Driver version 5.10 (Windows)

    I keep getting audio dropouts in Studio One with this new driver. Comes and goes and sometimes it just drops and I have to reboot everything. Never happened with the previous one. Thinking of rolling back. I'll report if it's solved.
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    Hey bud, someone beat you to the punch but I can let you know if it falls though.

    Hey bud, someone beat you to the punch but I can let you know if it falls though.
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    SOLD FM3 (headphone model) and Boss FS-7

    Pending... that was quick...
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    SOLD FM3 (headphone model) and Boss FS-7

    Had to send back my original FM3 without headphone out to Fractal due to a USB issue and got a brand new headphone model back. Decided to go back to my AxeFx 3 exclusively so I'm letting the FM3 go. I'm asking $1,200 net to me after shipping and payment. It's brand new in box but can take...
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    USB Out Issue

    Still working with support on it. What do you have set as Output 2 in the I/O settings? Are you trying to get output from Output 2 in your DAW?
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    USB Out Issue

    Anyone encounter this? Haven't been able to solve...
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    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    I've had this happen to me a couple of times on 1.06 as well. Had to reboot the unit to get the footswitches to respond again. Thinking of going back to hauling my Axe 3 for playing live for reliability.
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    USB Out Issue

    Yup, nothing. I play a music file and get activity on that master volume line but nothing on the FM3 meters and no output. I also uninstalled the Axe 3's USB drivers in case they were conflicting and nothing.
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