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Recent content by rolidoc

  1. rolidoc

    Brown Sound

    how can i open them in AXE edit or how can i use them
  2. rolidoc

    2 Fuzz for The Italians🤣

  3. rolidoc

    SOLD Matrix Q12a for sale

    I sell my Matrix Q12a, the famous active monitor for modelers like AXE-Fx II or III or FM3. I bought the unit from G66, used it and loved it. Due to a system change it now needs a new home. It´s used and of course has signs of use as you would expect, it hasn't seen a stage in the last few...
  4. rolidoc

    AFIII Presets AustinBuddy 1000+ LIVEGOLD TonePack for Axe-Fx III: Cygnus fw16.04+ Update Now Available!

    Hi Austin, thanks for the amazing work. I used some of your updated presets on the rehearsal yesterday. They sound just great, I didn't need to change anything. Am looking forward to the other banks.
  5. rolidoc

    SOLD Friedman ASM-12 for sale

    I sell my Friedman ASM-12 active monitor.500 w, Celestion 12" speaker & tweeter, level, low-cut filter switch, ground lift switch. Made in USA. It is used but in good condition, technically sound. The case (wood) has two dents from the very first gig. I use it for two years only in the practice...
  6. rolidoc

    Considering AXII to AXIII

    yes, no doubt about it
  7. rolidoc

    Some Cygnus blues tones + PRESET INSIDE

    Unbelievable nice
  8. rolidoc

    Queen - "Don't Stop Me Now" solo

    Great, please send me this preset.
  9. rolidoc

    Live Workflow for Cover Bands - Song Lists vs Complex Presets

    Thanks for the reply, I will give this a try. The apps Setlistmaker and Bandhelper are also promising and together with the midiport are the solution for me.
  10. rolidoc

    Live Workflow for Cover Bands - Song Lists vs Complex Presets

    Super interesting, how do you connect via Bluetooth and the AXE. And how do you do that with the playlist and the preset assignments.
  11. rolidoc

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

    Thank you for never stopping to improve this wonderful engine.
  12. rolidoc

    Jazz Tone & Preset

    how beautiful and tasteful !!!
  13. rolidoc

    Weird problem with Axe-Edit

    i think i found the error. the usb hub on the front of my computer seems to be defective, the error occurred on all three ports. after i use a port on the back everything is ok, until now. probably i need a new computer, mine is already at least 6 years old
  14. rolidoc

    Weird problem with Axe-Edit

    thank you, it works, no issue with the file system.
  15. rolidoc

    Weird problem with Axe-Edit

    thanks, this was my first thought. Then also connected my fm3, also here there was a communication problem after a certain time and FM Edit no longer responded. I guess the problem is my computer or software.
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