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Recent content by Roland

  1. Roland

    WTB Axe Standard/Ultra in the UK

    Not mine. https://www.thefretboard.co.uk/discussion/229865/
  2. Roland

    Help with a delay idea i have

  3. Roland

    How to get this nasal mid-scooped tone? (Carvin Belair 2x12)

    IIRC The BelAir uses diode clipping for some of its distortion. Maybe you’re hearing that. I’ve got one. The first thing I did when I got an Ultra was try to model the BelAir. I gave up because I thought the Ultra sounded better. If you’re looking for nasal tones then try a TS9 and/or EQ
  4. Roland

    Wish Songtempo in setlist

  5. Roland

    Why are so many people not relying on their ears anymore?

    My ears work well, but I’m still interested in what settings other people use. There isn’t enough time in life for me to experiment with all the combinations of settings which the AxeFX gives access to. I’ll often look at settings which Burgs or Leon show in their videos and conclude...
  6. Roland

    Expression pedal as global volume control for all presets

    The question is whether you want to control the output volume from the FM3, or whether you want to kill the volume from the Amp, but leave delay and reverb ringing out.
  7. Roland

    Set List tips

    My first thought was that we should have a new multi-platform section of the forum just for the Set List feature, but quickly decided that the traffic levels would be low. However there must be some tips and tricks we could share. To kick things off here are two things I’ve encountered in my...
  8. Roland

    How To: Activate Tuner and Mute Output Upon Preset Change?

    Try this. 1. in the Setup menu, (Owners manual page 68), set the default scene to load as scene 8. 2. In scene 8 use a Scene Midi block which sends midi instructions to turn the tuner on. 3. Either have the scene 8 output volume set to zero, or choose the setup option to mute output when Tuner...
  9. Roland

    Just Saw Diesel @ $6/gallon!!! WTF!!

    In the UK diesel is around £1.79 per litre. That’s £6.78 per US gallon. At today’s exchange rate that’s $8.37 US
  10. Roland

    Wish Acoustic Guitar Simulator

    It’s not very difficult. There are only three blocks: MBC to control the sustain of the bass strings. CAB block with an IR which matches your guitar pickup to a decent recording of an acoustic guitar. Filter block to boost the level, and notch out any frequencies you don’t want. These are my...
  11. Roland

    Is there a way to do something like that with the Axe Fx 3?

    You could use a non-latching pedal to detune when pushed, and return when released.
  12. Roland

    Delay Block Spillover/Buffer Best Practice

    Have you tried switching between two Delay blocks when you change Scenes? It uses CPU, but can solve your problem
  13. Roland

    Wish Song Tempo for Set Lists

    +1. Otherwise I’ll have to use one preset per song
  14. Roland

    To 'Fatten' or add 'girth' to your preset?

    Cab proximity is an easy option to implement. Something else which works, but needs more effort, is to put in a second Amp and Cab. You can use these to add depth without losing the clarity of your main Amp and Cab. Try different Amp settings, and different speakers and microphones in the Cab block.
  15. Roland

    From the FC-12, is there any way to modulate the metronome volume?

    You could bypass the block. If you’re using the Synth block for the click then you can control it’s volume with a pedal. If you’re using something else, such as an external click, then you could put a volume block after it.
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