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Recent content by rocketcity

  1. rocketcity

    Clean Sound for FOH and Tube amp

    First crack at a clean sound with my PRS. Pretty standard chain with a dual clean amp setup. Tell me what you think. Output level 1 controls FOH and Output 2 controls your tube amp. Cable to your amp should plug into Output 2 FX send left on the back of your AXE FX II. I also uploaded this...
  2. rocketcity

    So I spent a little time in the platinum room at GC today...

    Tony Higbee, I believe is the Platinum Room Manager there. Bought my 3rd Power American Dream from him before discovering the Axe FX. Nice guy and he doesn't mind letting you play all the Trussarts, Suhrs, Andersons, vintage Strats and Teles......my $3,200.00 amp sits in the corner. I do plan...
  3. rocketcity

    Dialing in live tone

    You are on it. Increase your mids and lighten up the compression if you use it. Has a tendency to squash your tone. Sometimes a little grit or flipping to the bridge position will clear things up.
  4. rocketcity

    Any suggestions for dialing in a good clean sound?

    Good advice. I get beautiful sounds in my studio that all disappear during the first song at a gig. Where did my guitar sound go? Funny how well the thinner sometimes harsh sounds fill out well when you add a keyboard, drums and bass.
  5. rocketcity

    Any suggestions for dialing in a good clean sound?

    By the way, I agree "useless" was not a good word choice. I just believe it would be even more helpful to know what guitars are played by the responding parties.
  6. rocketcity

    Any suggestions for dialing in a good clean sound?

    Sorry that came off the way it did. I believe my response was very useful. Walk into a reputable music store and tell someone you want a good clean tone. You think they will not ask what guitar you play. If people would tell there whole story then it would be much more helpful to the OP and...
  7. rocketcity

    Any suggestions for dialing in a good clean sound?

    Guitars No one should post a useful setting reply without telling you what kind of guitar they use, because it will be different with all. Almost useless.
  8. rocketcity

    Gibson fights back!!!

    I love when people who don't know anything about a topic comment with their opinions. I am from Memphis and know the story well. This was a procedural issue that was overblown by the government trying to make a statement. The settlement was necessary to stop the company from losing millions of...
  9. rocketcity


    That was the issue. The quick response was appreciated and a little incredible. Thank You.
  10. rocketcity


    Performed recent install of 12.03. Disconnected MFC-101 cable prior to install per instructions. Shortly after a message displayed on the Axe FX II screen "No Input Clock". After several power down attempts, reinstalled 12.02 but experienced same results after power down process.
  11. rocketcity

    Anybody know what date Atomic is up to on CLR wait list?

    Mine were shipped today. Waiting list first week of August. :encouragement:
  12. rocketcity

    Give me the FRFR "must do" tweaks, please

    Simple but effective. Took alot of the boom and mud out and will keep my bass player happy. Good Tip.
  13. rocketcity

    Next brand/model of speakers above Atomic CLR's?

    Scott, I ordered two Active CLRs today. I play at a church for approximately 300 and in a band at smaller to medium venues. We have a very nice new state of the art sound system at church. Our sound team are not professionals but do a pretty good job. I am wondering about the best...
  14. rocketcity

    Next brand/model of speakers above Atomic CLR's?

    I ordered mine today. Went on wait list around first week of August. Saw email at 3 PM, placed order and they shipped at 5PM.
  15. rocketcity

    Somebody is getting a pair of Atomic CLR's for Christmas!

    I was on the wait list a little over 4 months, placed my order at 3PM and they were shipped at 5PM. Nice.
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