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Recent content by Rocket Brother

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    Wish Dr - Z and/or /13

    The Ruby is great, but you should also try the Comet 60 , which obviously is a model of the Komet 60. A Ken Fischer design he did for Komet - both the real amp and the model in the Axe III are so great, and changes in power tube and input trim change the amp quite a bit. I use KT66, EL 34 and...
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    Wish Metronome Block

    +1 to those wishes, except turning the metronome into a block if it don't have to be.
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    Wish FREQOUT pedal

    I'd love a FAS "freqout" equivalent, have been considering getting a Freqout for a long time
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    Amp model shootout

    @yek - might or might not be for you but have you given the Comet K60 model a good shake lately ?? I have a real Komet K60 and - no surprise - the model is spot on. I love the K60 and use where I'd normally use a Plexi and especially where I'd use a goosed up Plexi. It's a very classic rock...
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    How are you planning to configure your rig?

    Guitar - wireless - FM3 + FC6 + exp pedal - FOH (IEM + wedge)
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    What are some tips and tricks for glassy cleans?

    :) Sadly not, would love to meet him, he seems like a really great and down to earth guy
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    What are some tips and tricks for glassy cleans?

    Hahaha - had not seen that before :) I rolled like that for years, a Strat into my Analogman NKT 275 Sunface into a plexi was the backbone of my rig, with a wah, booster, trem and delay to add other choices, but the AM Surface was (almost) always on. Still a special feeling when I fire up my...
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    What are some tips and tricks for glassy cleans?

    Normally I'd do glassy cleans on a clean amp (plenty of good choices, I use Dumble clean, HiWatt, BF Fender & Matchless HC30 a lot), but if you are looking for Hendrix glassy, try replicating the old way to get those tones : guitar -> germanium fuzz -> Marshall Plexi on the edge of breakup. With...
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    Wish 1176-Style FET Compressor (Cali76) Model

    Recreations of all the above would be an absolute dream come true, add the Ross mentioned above and then I can't think of other compressors to wish for.
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    Wish 1176-Style FET Compressor (Cali76) Model

    + 1 for the 1176 / Cali76 & DBX 160x (older version)
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.03

    Above and beyond - Again. Thanks Cliff
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    FCs in Europe?

    Have an FC-6 coming next week to compliment and back up my FC-12.
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