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Recent content by rmbaylin

  1. rmbaylin

    Nice Rack Canada | AX8 | Stereo 4CM

    PM with a ballpark pricing of the pedal board layout you have here. I am located in Maryland. I have an AX8, 2 Mission pedals (wah and assignable Expression) and also a Boss FV500 (volume). I like the isolated outputs you have shown, Ext 2 & 3 foot-switches, and what looks like an N4L power...
  2. rmbaylin

    Coverband Players Share Your Song Secrets

    I play in a dance band now, mainly at casinos and large events. I came from the traditional bar band playing mainly classic rock. This dance band has a formula that just works. Energy on stage. Keeping the beat going. Playing with fun and a smile. Forget note for note. Tone and enough...
  3. rmbaylin

    New Roland processor

    BOSS U.S. - GP-10: Guitar Processor Looks like a GR-55 without the internal synth and 5pin midi jacks.
  4. rmbaylin

    Anybody know what this looper effect is? John Scofield

    When I saw him at the 8x10 club in Baltimore a few years back, he was doing some awesome stuff. We had about 12 people there, believe it or not. So I was glued to the stage watching him master the effects and work the fretboard. I thought he played an RC20XL at that gig, but I am not sure...
  5. rmbaylin

    Irene Cara - FAME [Metal Cover] \m/

    Sweet! Excellent work.
  6. rmbaylin

    NL12 Neolight ( 17lb ) are in stock ready for shipping

    Love to hear a comparison of the Black Face compared to the AxeFX and Matrix with a similar chimey fender tone. Any chance you can do another iPhone recording?
  7. rmbaylin

    Seems everyone left RedWirez "behind"

    Wasn't that subplot from the book/movie "The Help" ?
  8. rmbaylin

    Matrix Neolight NL212 traditional cab

    I am trying to get enough cash to get a NL212 to try out. Currently I use the NL12 with my Port City 2x12. And my rig never sounded better. I like the clean of the 1x12 matched to the oomph of the 2x12. It's just the weight of the Port City is twice that I'd. Like the NL212. I'd say I they...
  9. rmbaylin

    First gig with the Axe, and it sounded terrible

    here's my 2-cents... As a longtime user of the Axe, my experience has run the gamut of experiences at gigs. Sometimes its been wonderful, and other times shrill and tinny. I've always had people comment on the sound of the Axe, but I've put FRFR on the back burner for now, and now run with...
  10. rmbaylin

    Song For George (with a solid electric)

    Patch me, baby. I have a LGXT with LR Baggs piezo. It needs this recipe. That sounds so sweet.
  11. rmbaylin

    Ten Years Gone

    Really nice!
  12. rmbaylin

    VA/DC local band wants to convert to Axe-FX II - looking for local demo of an Axe-FX2

    Gig on Sept 21st in Baltimore area , bar-local club playing cover material. I play the AXE FX-II using a small back line (Matrix GT1000 powering a NL12, and Port City 2x12), and into the PA depending on room size. I have used the AXE (ultra and FX) for about 4 years now. I have few other...
  13. rmbaylin

    Youtube Challange from a Ticked Off Non-Fractal Dude. (not me)

    Its not a replication of the Hendrix tone, but I think for the overall sound, it sounds alright. Also clearly not "note for note", but a reasonable interpretation to get his point across. Problem is he's a jack-ass IMHO. I think someone here (not me) should post a tone-accurate, note-note...
  14. rmbaylin

    Wish Long IA press calls up Alt IA Effect Block

    Just a thought, the MFC light could blink to indicate an alternate function. We have several possible states. No light = both states off or not present Red = X state on Red blink = X state off Green = Y state on Green blink =Y state off Fast or alternate red-green = both on How about...
  15. rmbaylin

    Speaker Break-In ?? New NL12 arriving today

    I'm expecting an NL12 later today. I've seen several posts where people run music through the speaker for 12 hours before use. Is this superstition, or is it legit. Is there a need to "break-in" the speaker. If so what is the method to use? volume level? source material?
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