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  1. rickboot

    Instrument input (secret sauce) differences FM9, FM3 & AF3

    FM9 supports variable impedance: https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=Input_impedance You can select this in the input blocks.
  2. rickboot

    General FC question about daisy chaining...

    I am not clear on your question. I assume you have an AxeFX III and an FC6 want want to chain a second? You just need to chain from one FC6 to the other. See page 6 in the FC manual. https://www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/manuals/FC-X/FC6+12-Owners-Manual.pdf BTW, no adapters are needed to...
  3. rickboot

    FM9 Case?

    I agree. I'd prefer the 'hinge' to be on the long edge but it isn't a deal breaker for me. One thing I do like is the heavily-padded bottom compartment. You can put a laptop or tablet in there or a few more expression pedals.
  4. rickboot

    FM9 Case?

    Thanks for sharing this. I didn't want a big bulky hard case, so I was looking for a bag or backpack. I just got one. You weren't kidding about the padding. I think it can take a missile strike.
  5. rickboot

    RTA Coming to FM9 or not?

    So you can see if it sounds good. :)
  6. rickboot

    FS FC6 in original box

    FM3 sold! FC6 still available.
  7. rickboot

    FS FC6 in original box

    FM3 and FC6 in excellent condition. FM3 is headphone version and has latest 5.03 firmware and presets installed. Both come with original boxes and power cables. FM3 sold FC6 $400 Shipping included to continental USA Payment via Paypal Family and Friends or you cover fees
  8. rickboot

    Whats your favorite modern instrumental guitar album?

    Nick Johnston - Remarkably Human
  9. rickboot

    Waitlist Email

    About 30 seconds. I suggest having your credit card next to your keyboard. :) Seriously though, the official email states: "Invitations remain valid until current inventory is depleted." Who knows when stock will run out. I wouldn't wait too long.
  10. rickboot

    David Lee Roth Shares Previously Unheard Version Of Van Halen's 'Panama'

    https://www.vhnd.com/2022/09/02/david-lee-roths-new-studio-live-panama/ 'It's all LIVE& it's Van Halen free. No samples. No autotune.'
  11. rickboot

    FM3 Slow?

    I switched from AF3 to FM3. It was noticeably slower when using the editor. Live I don't notice the difference, but I don't often need to change presets in the middle of a song.
  12. rickboot

    Triple Axe-Fx III rack o' splendor

    It's obscuring the box of Klon's behind the Dumbles.
  13. rickboot

    Loving FM9 with FC6

    Nice. Title should be "Loving FM9 with FC6". I am considering doing this when my FM9 arrives. That's a lot of buttons. :)
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