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Recent content by Rich5150

  1. Rich5150

    PRS Guys - Identifying Question

    With the locking tuners and the top bevel not a carve looks like a s2 Cu24, maryland made just at a more affordable price point.
  2. Rich5150

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here!

    please steal away lol, make sure you post some pics when your done.
  3. Rich5150

    Worship Tutorials Preset Demo - a budget preset with options

    Agreed about musical taste. I always like to check out presets and see how others lay things out Yea I’d have to see if I could configure the PP for the FC 6 as I don’t have the 12. And with the new puppy I don’t keep my FC board hooked up in the same room
  4. Rich5150

    Worship Tutorials Preset Demo - a budget preset with options

    I don't do P&W but after watching your video and hearing the tones i was interested in this patch so for 5 bucks i figured eh WTH. great patch and it sounds great for jamming on.
  5. Rich5150

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here!

    here are a couple of quick shots they cut the one support by half which brought it closer to the top of the fc-6 and a bit more comfortable to get to. I also added a middle support for a bit more stability so there are 5 posts instead of 4 at just the corners
  6. Rich5150

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here!

    Yes they did ill post a pic up later today
  7. Rich5150

    What are you GASing for right now?

    More PRS's always, would like a Santana, a 513, and a Cu24 w a maple board. Benefits of having the AxIII more money for guitars. Id also like to get some more lenses for my Sony A7II
  8. Rich5150

    Anyone going to try the Kemper Stage?

    Nope, I had a Kemper and just didn't dig it. I went through that and a helix and stuck with Fractal, I just like the flexibility I have to create whatever tone or weird sound I want to come up with.
  9. Rich5150

    What's your hobby?

    Target Shooting and Photography
  10. Rich5150

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    updated rig pic
  11. Rich5150

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here!

    So I wasn't entirely happy with the hight of the stand-in switches so I found shorter standoffs and combined them with the original purple ones and it brought them back down to a reasonable height also added a 5th support for a bit more stability.
  12. Rich5150


    I still want to try out a Suhr one of these days. I always hear nothing but good things about them.
  13. Rich5150


    Well it was actually Saturday, My friend had gotten one of the Silver Sky's in Tungsten and left it with me to Setup and play on. I dug it so much had to get my own and thanks to my Amazing Wife who purchased it for me i now have my own Dodgem Blue Silver Sky, I haven't had a chance to take any...
  14. Rich5150

    NGD: PRS 2018 Experience Ltd.

    Beautiful guitar, I have an original Paul's Guitar and its definitely one of my favorites.
  15. Rich5150

    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    Friedman JJ and Wizard Modern Classic
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