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Recent content by Rich5150

  1. Rich5150

    Let’s see those guitars

    Just picked this one up on Monday thanks to my Wife, love that she supports my habit LOL. And the current stable of guitars and the misc stuff.
  2. Rich5150

    Epic 70’s songs and bands

    This was always a special song by Cat for me, A friend I always had a huge crush on through high school turned me onto it, she got married and we lost touch but every time I hear this song it’s a time capsule for me as a lot of songs usually are Was there ever a better time than the 70’s for...
  3. Rich5150

    Epic 70’s songs and bands

    Cannot forget Journey
  4. Rich5150

    Epic 70’s songs and bands

    Love 70's rock, being born in 1970 its ingrained in me.
  5. Rich5150

    Rick Nielsen's collection...

    it was a fantastic watch, but they didn't even scratch the surface of his collection
  6. Rich5150

    Is Neal Schon still using the Axe Fx III?

    I remember going to the PRS Factory when they had the 30th anniversary(was my 1st time there) and me and my wife just walking around looking at the stuff in the factory, and we came across Neal's NS14's in a rack during mid build, When i was talking to the builder that was standing there to...
  7. Rich5150

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    So I shrank my board to a Volume Pedal and A Wah, with a modified MXR Tap switch to activate my Strobo Rack tuner. I found myself not using the other 2 exp pedals that much and seeing as I still had my Duo 34 it was an easy choice. added the side input and I have to option to run the other 2...
  8. Rich5150

    Tremolo springs a ringing

    I just lay a thin piece of foam in the trem cavity and then put the cover back on, Works for me and kills the ring.
  9. Rich5150

    Def Leppard JMP-1 Settings

    Not sure, I know at one point there was talk of them sharing presets much like Steve Stevens, Pete Thorn and Devin T. Dont know what ever happened to that though, I would have liked to have seen them
  10. Rich5150

    Oh okay, NOW I understand PRS!

    I was always fascinated by PRS, at 1st it was a visual thing i just thought they were beautiful looking guitars, then i got a chance to play one and that was it, i was hooked. Ive paired it down some over the last 2 years from 16 to 11 and pretty much the ones i will always keep. Some of them my...
  11. Rich5150

    Capo, the real thing you use on a guitar

    G7's for me
  12. Rich5150

    Such a Great story...

    We have known our dog since he was 2 days old, my sister in law was fostering a mom who had just had 9 pups and when my wife saw ours it was done she had to have him. I had no idea how hard it was gonna be up multiple times at night to take him out, and there were a few times when I really...
  13. Rich5150

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex still alive?

    I have one and still use it regularly as well as my III, I like it and though its not on the level of the III for deep tweaking. I kinda dig the fact that its not, I can just go in and dial in an amp and get a good tone, if I want to go deeper ill fre up the III and go to town. There tools and a...
  14. Rich5150

    NGD X2

    So a couple of weeks ago I was finally able to pick up a EVH Frankie locally. I love the detail on it, is it a perfect replica no not by a long shot but it honors one of my main influences so in that respect im glad to have it. Now as for the Lynch, as I was walking in to pickup the Frankie this...
  15. Rich5150

    How long does your power conditioner/bars last?

    Ive had my one Monster 2500 for years now its been my main rack power since ive owned it, like @la noise said its heavy as shit and it just works, I was bummed when they discontinued them but I found another one for my desk.
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