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Recent content by Rich G.

  1. Rich G.

    BodyRez emulation in FX8?

    Did some Room EQ Wizard sweep measurements on my TC Electronic Acoustic Play with BodyRez 1 enabled. Everything else was off. Definitely something other than a straight EQ happening in the mid range. I built a preset in the FX8 with just a single Parametric EQ. I adjusted the EQ to get close to...
  2. Rich G.

    BodyRez emulation in FX8?

    Anyone figure out a way to emulate TC's BodyRez in the FX8? I'd like to dedicate my FX8 to acoustic gigs since those seem to be the only gigs happening these days. I know I can just go and get the pedal, but I'm trying to down size.
  3. Rich G.

    Help to identify these locking tuners, please

    And the price keeps dropping! $17.83 on eBay. :laughing:
  4. Rich G.

    It's 2020, why can't we have a completely wireless set up?

    I'm using a MFC-101 to control our lighting wirelessly. I use a wireless midi device (Yamaha MD-BT01) connected to the MFC-101. The MFC is powered by one of THESE batteries. I charged it up and ran it for 3 or 4 days straight with all LED's on just to verify it will make it through at least two...
  5. Rich G.

    Where to buy a new Strat neck?

    I have a few guitars with Warmoth necks. In every case, I picked up the neck second hand. I've never been dissapointed. If you go with a new neck, there is a disclaimer on their website HERE stating that they do not do fret leveling after the frets are installed. Some leveling may be required...
  6. Rich G.

    Selling gear in the age of COVID

    Really? I would've thought just the opposite. I've been gathering things together with the intent to sell them when things settle down. Maybe now is a good time to start purging.
  7. Rich G.

    Selling gear in the age of COVID

    You mean you can actually sell gear? :laughing: I've picked up way too much gear over the last 15 or 20 years. I get most of it through The Gear Page. I've had very few issues going this route. Any disputes have been easily resolved. It seems most people there are in the same musician boat...
  8. Rich G.

    Anyone know Stock Market software (ThinkorSwim) procedures? Options Trading?

    New all time high today. :) :)
  9. Rich G.

    Recommendations on wireless audio control to old stereo

    I have an old Kenwood receiver I use to play music while working around the house. I typically have a tablet directly hooked up to it via 3.5mm to RCA connection and use it to play Pandora or Spotify radio. Occasionally, the stations will stop and I have to go over and tap the screen to...
  10. Rich G.

    Retirement balance with the current market?

    Hmmm... Company specializing in remote video conferencing. Up about 50% over the last month.
  11. Rich G.

    Retirement balance with the current market?

    But what if you haven't gotten out yet? :( Everything I'm reading says "Do NOT sell", "Do NOT act out of panic". [source]. I'm not completely panicked. I'm trying to look at it logically and realistically. If a) nobody knows where the bottom of this thing is, b) Everyone's pretty sure we're...
  12. Rich G.

    Retirement balance with the current market?

    We're heading in that direction. Futures for tomorrow already hit Limit Down of -5%. It'll probably open in the low 18's. Currently 18084 now. Almost 40% down from the peak of 29,551. https://www.investing.com/indices/us-30-futures
  13. Rich G.

    Retirement balance with the current market?

    Speaking or WalMart... The market is in an overall free fall. Most big name stocks are down 30% or more over the last month. Restaurant stocks are down 70% from that high point!... But not WalMart. They seem to be weathering this storm quite well. In fact, they hit an all time high today. I...
  14. Rich G.

    DC Adapter voltage variance

    Now that I'm pretty much stuck at home for a while I decided to do some organizing. One of the items on my list is to sort out my ever growing collection of about 50 wall warts. Some are AC, some DC, some 12 volts, some 9, some have special connectors, others are standard 2.5 mm barrels. During...
  15. Rich G.

    Gigs canceled due to COVID-19?

    Erie, PA All bars, restaurants, Coffee Shops, etc. are on limited hours Take-Out orders only until further notice. Which means all my gigs are canceled until further notice. Could be two weeks. Could be two months. Many of my musician friends are live streaming house gigs for tips.
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