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Recent content by Rhiza

  1. Rhiza

    Alice In Chains - A Looking In View (Rythm Guitar Playthrough)

    Thanks! I spent hours getting everything spot on. Because I blended my guitar along with the original guitar track, I had to play it exactly the same, otherwise it would sound wrong/off :)
  2. Rhiza

    Alice In Chains - A Looking In View (Rythm Guitar Playthrough)

    Hi guys and gals, I did a playthrough of Alice in Chains' "A Looking in View" I really like this song and it's a very simple yet heavy song. I double tracked the rhythm guitar with the Axe-FX II (TS808, 5150 and Mesa 4x12) I tried my best to blend it in with the actual song. Went quite well I...
  3. Rhiza

    It's been an interesting run

    I bought the Axe-FX II simply because I can't afford having several amps, cabinets, microphones and effect pedals. Don't have the room for it either. I went down to my friends amazing studio one time and did an A/B test with a Mesa Dual Rectifier and a EVH 5150. Compared that to the Axe-FX II...
  4. Rhiza

    Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane Cover [5153 - Red Channel]

    Hi guys, long time no post. I've been extremely busy with studying. But I did this track a while ago and I think I forgot to share it. It's basically a cover I did of the song by Breaking Benjamin called Diary of Jane. I've always liked this track since first time I heard it, so it's an oldy but...
  5. Rhiza

    Merry Christmas.

    Sounds great! Merry Christmas :D
  6. Rhiza

    Misha Mansoor / ML Labs Cab Pack Q&A

    Hi Misha, Awesome cab mixes! I was wondering, do you remember what cab+mic you mixed together? I'm very interested in what mic combination did you use for the cab called ML Misha Mix 01 USA bulb? And are there any special mic combination you prefer? Thanks! -Spazi
  7. Rhiza

    Cab Pack 13! Misha Mansoor!!!

    Can't wait to try these out Mikko! :D
  8. Rhiza

    ideal sine sweep loudness when capturing IR's

    Thanks for the replies guys. I did some experimentation today and yes Francesco it does indeed change the IR a little. Generally all of them sound good though :) For me I found out that using lower volume sine sweep increases note separation? Or is it just me? Thanks for the heads up Matt, I'll...
  9. Rhiza

    ideal sine sweep loudness when capturing IR's

    Hi guys, Long time no post. So here goes. I've been messing around with capturing cabinet IRs myself with my Mesa 2x12 rectifier cabinet and so far I've gotten great IRs! So I was wondering, is there a sweet spot on how loud the sine sweep should be? Most people just say, turn it up till it...
  10. Rhiza

    Music Video recorded live during a Solar Eclipse 2015

    Hi guys, A friend of mine just sent me a link to their new music video containing a instrumental version of a doom metal song called "Deyðir Varðar" I still have goosebumps while writing this. The video was shot during the Full solar eclipse in the Faroe Islands on a mountain. The amount of...
  11. Rhiza

    Does the Axe FX come with Pro Tools?

    Pro Tools is subscription based now, so you only get one year support, then you have to pay a annual or monthly fee to get updates. Unless you really have to, I wouldn't recommend using Pro Tools. This comes from a Pro Tools user. I know a lot of people say it's the pro way to go, but you will...
  12. Rhiza

    Some bluesy licks with 18 beta, HBE, a Les Paul and OH V3 MIX

    Damn that HBE sounds awesome. It's becoming my favorite amp for rock tone. Great playing btw, nice tone :)
  13. Rhiza

    Axe FX II and Kemper Profiler (Yes, another one...please read!)

    Ok without adding more fuel to the fire, I feel I need to throw in my opinion as well. I should start by saying that I've been an Axe-FX user for some time. I work as a salesman at a guitar shop where we sell/sold amp sims like Eleven Rack, Line 6 stuff and etc. I regularly use/test amp plugins...
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