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Recent content by rhinoceros

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    Axe2 owners, if you get bored, could you please feed a new clip to the zoo animals?

    i know what you mean there is a bunch of jealous aholes around here.they need to institute a no bozo policy here.imo you're clips were great scott.
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    "I sold my Ultra" blues

    [url=http://soundcloud.com/robboman/i-sold-my-ultra-blues]I Sold My Ultra Blues by Robboman on SoundCloud
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    Axe Fx II Shipping Date....?

    Ignore the whiners Cliff. Run your company the way you want to - you don't owe anybody any information about release dates. The updates you've given us have been informative and timely, and it's a shame that some here can't understand that sometimes, the best laid schemes often go awry. I...
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    What models have the most obvious swirl?

    i went back and listened to it i cant hear it.
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    New AxeFx II Video Clip..Gainier Mark Day

    nice clip...i just installed the esp arming adjuster..lol
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    Axe fx 2 highgain clip request

    i would just like to hear someone make a loop and flip thru the amps and cabs
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    Axe fx 2 highgain clip request

    can somebody run thru some of the high gain amps and post the clips please?
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