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Recent content by retro_dad

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    Yek's preset collection (Q9.04, Axe-Fx II XL)

    That's why I was curious, Scene 1 is the DS. Scenes 2-6 come up as the Euro Blue. I like it the way it is now because the DS has been my goto for cleans oddly enough.
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    Yek's preset collection (Q9.04, Axe-Fx II XL)

    I just downloaded the new Main file. Are you still using the Dirty Shirley on Scene 1 for cleans? I'm not sure if you still were or if this was something wonky that happened while converting with Fractool. You astound me with your ability to milk so much out of a single patch. Now comes the...
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    And speaking of input volume

    The Input Level in the I/O Front Panel Parameter does not affect amp gain, volume level or output and is for S/N ratio. It almost sounds like you are describing the Input Trim in the Amp Block. Can you clarify?
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    Why no Effects Forum?

    I'd definitely be interested in seeing a subforum for effects or the emulation of certain effects.
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    VIDEO: From Van Halen I to 1984 and beyond....(PATCH INCLUDED)

    Awesome stuff Danny! You sure crammed a hell of a lot in that patch. That video was just what I needed after a long day at work.
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    Cab block proximity control Q3.0b [NOT A BUG]

    Of course, I get that. I was referencing Mr_fender's example pic above where he added the Null mic to show the low end boost. My problem is I'm not getting a flat line at all when the mic is left on None, there is a definite curve (very slight). That's why I wanted to make sure I was doing the...
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    Cab block proximity control Q3.0b [NOT A BUG]

    @mr_fender is there any way you, or anyone for that matter, can show a quick pic of what the grid layout should look like for doing a live Tonematch? I only ask because when I did this experiment, I get a small, but distinct curve and not a flatline. It becomes even more so when I add the Null...
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    Cab block proximity control Q3.0b [NOT A BUG]

    Chris, I also just noticed this happening on my OH Mesa V60 EWH-1 mix, which is one of the included mixes with this IR. Weird, but maybe this is only happening with mixed IR's. All the ML and Fractal stuff I have loaded is single mic IR's so they are not exhibiting this behavior.
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    Cab block proximity control Q3.0b [NOT A BUG]

    Well crap.....I should've just left it be and not even bothered, but I did. I definitely can hear an oh so slight difference. When I select a User cab my default proximity is at 5.00 and Mics are on None . Then my dumb self had to twiddle the knob and....there it was. Brighter as I go to 0 and...
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    Fractal Audio AMP models: Hipower (Hiwatt DR103)

    Man, that third video example in the OP is just glorious!! Might have to take some time tonight and play around with the Hiwatt as I've neglected it this whole time.
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    Help me to understand Fractal compressors

    I've recently started doing this too, sticking the Studio Comp near the end for cleans, then switching it off in the next scene for drive sounds.
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    VIDEO: The power of a cab block

    Yet another awesome video Danny. I bet no one imagined all that time ago when they shot that 1x8 Tweed IR that a bunch of guys were gonna go scrambling to tweak the heck out of it and make it work for whatever amp they want :D
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    RATT - Lay it Down tone matchy poo.

    To a tee! Sounds great.
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    EV ZLX 12p my two cents

    I cannot overstate how vital Rex's advice is for the EV. I've had my ZLX for almost two years and I'm just recently getting to where I am totally happy with this monitor. My problem was always that it was too boomy, and this is with my ZLX sitting on an amp stand about waist height. So I...
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