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Recent content by Recon24

  1. Recon24

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    Fractal updated the II steadily for 8 years, they have pushed the hardware to it’s limit (hence the introduction of the III well over a year ago now). The updates are/were free, and regardless of whether one purchased years ago or yesterday all those updates are still available with this final...
  2. Recon24

    MF Strat Lick - Plexi 50W 6550 + ML Mars Silver

    Some Strat+Plexi tone. Plexi 50W 6550 with an FAS Boost clean boosting in front, ML Sound Lab Mars Silver 57 A for the IR, North Church reverb and Deluxe Memory Man delay in parallel after.
  3. Recon24

    HBE & ODS - ML MEGA OS - Modal Jam

    Some improv over a fun little chord change. Using the ODS-100 Clean into the ML MEGA OS Supreme Mix for the arpeggiated chords and pseudo-bass line, Friedman HBE V2 into the ML MEGA OS Omnipotent Mix for the lead. Clean signal chain: Comp > Amp > Cab > Comp > Chorus > Reverb/Delay in parallel...
  4. Recon24

    Skull Crusher & ML MEGA OS - Heavy Riff Test

    Trying out the new Skull Crusher model on Ares 1.03. Definitely lives up to the name, very satisfying to play with. Kind of reminds me of a 5150 but with some extra clarity and midrange richness. T808MOD > Amp > ML MEGA OS Infamous Mix
  5. Recon24

    Saturday Afternoon Jam - Ares 1.03 - Plexi & ML Mars Silver

    First jam on 1.03, in a Plexi mood. Using the Plexi 50w 6550 into the ML Mars Silver 57 A IR, FAS Boost in front and delay/reverb in parallel after.
  6. Recon24

    80s Metal Tone - Brit 800 + ML Mars Silver

    Thanks man! Dialing in tones that work well in a mix is always my main goal for sure.
  7. Recon24

    80s Metal Tone - Brit 800 + ML Mars Silver

    Thanks a bunch!
  8. Recon24

    What is your approach when making new patches?

    It’s an easy rabbit hole to fall into, especially with how much flexibility the Axe has in terms of FX options. That said the only time I really do the 80s-as-hell drenched thing is when I’m either going specifically for those particular 80s tones or when I’m looking for an FX-centric ambient...
  9. Recon24

    What is your approach when making new patches?

    For my own tastes I lean more towards the Mesa sound for that iconic richness and depth, but I’m really digging the Silver for stuff more in the hard rock and hair metal vein too. I don’t like to throw around the word “scooped” too much since that can have negative connotations, both packs are...
  10. Recon24

    80s Metal Tone - Brit 800 + ML Mars Silver

    Jamming some quick bits from Bark at the Moon. Not trying to nail the tone, just getting in the general 80s Metal ballpark with an SD-1 boosting a JCM 800. Super OD > Brit 800 > ML Mars Silver Appetite Mix > Rich Hall Reverb
  11. Recon24

    What is your approach when making new patches?

    Rock and metal mostly. I tend to lean towards Marshall-style amps like the Friedman and go for tight modern tones. I use ML IRs, lately the Mega OS and Mars Silver packs in particular.
  12. Recon24

    What is your approach when making new patches?

    Usually an end result in mind from the beginning, unless I’m just messing around and experimenting with FX-heavy tones. Priority number one for me is always just finding the right IR. Once I find IRs I like I tend to stick with them, and I usually lean more towards using one or two IRs for all...
  13. Recon24

    Vicarious GAS

    They’re definitely absolutely wonderful amps, played them all in person besides the absolute newest models (D20 and 100P). I just don’t have any desire to go back to dealing with tube amps in general, and I can’t really afford or justify having a tube rig around just for one sound I really want...
  14. Recon24

    Super-Djent-y Atomica Tone

    Thanks a bunch again, everyone! I’ll be sure to get some more in-the-mix samples of this and other tones up in the future, on a bit of a break from music the last few weeks but I’ll be back at it ASAP.
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