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Recent content by RecifeShark

  1. RecifeShark

    Kiss of death - Lynch - TM - preset included

    Here goes my attempt on this awesome piece (used a Fender Sambora USA HSS): Preset: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5308
  2. RecifeShark

    Pickup tone match

    Some more to go (I´m gonna change strings before recording them): ESP Kamikaze I, Ibanez JEM 7vwh, Fender Richie Sambora HSS (USA), Peavey Wolfgang STD (USA), Suhr S4 Pro.
  3. RecifeShark

    Pickup tone match

    That´s nice! I´m sending some clips to you.
  4. RecifeShark

    Who's playing through Mesa cabs?

    Killer!! I´ve tested axe + gt1000 + 2 2x12 mesa rect horiz and it´s killer!! congrats!!
  5. RecifeShark

    Pickup tone match

    I´ve made some clips of my Fender Custom Shop Ash and Ibanez JS1200. Who´s adding the samples to the vault?
  6. RecifeShark

    Metal/Hardcore tunes on my Axe FX II

    I liked it very much! very organic tone.
  7. RecifeShark

    Who's playing through Mesa cabs?

    So, did you get both the NL12´s and the Mesa 2x12??
  8. RecifeShark

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Thanks a lot for all your effort in making this awesome tool !! just sent you a donation :blush:
  9. RecifeShark

    Friedman HBE Q4 w/Zilla CP- Metal/demo

    Man, what an awesome organic tone!! Liked it very much.
  10. RecifeShark

    Guys, I need help

    "The issue is that with a tube amp compression happens automatically when the volume knob is turned. I'm sure you are technically correct and there is an adjustable parameter that will account for this somewhere in the Fractal GUI". - As Perdikament already said: the master volume parameter on...
  11. RecifeShark

    Axe fx 2 makes noise when plugged into ehx magnum 44

    I once had two line6 pedals (space chorus and compressor) and if I plugged them into the same ac adaptor there was a terrible noise; on the other hand, if I plugged each one in its own ac adaptor there was no noise at all.
  12. RecifeShark

    Steve Vai - Sisters - Tone Match

    Nice tone!! thanks for sharing. I´m gonna try it out with my jem 7V :)
  13. RecifeShark

    One Reason To Consider An Axe-Fx II

    So many good points of view in this thread. I don´t blame those who don´t wanna share their presets (whatever reason could be), but on the other hand, as VegasGuitar said, this is a sharing orientated community, so it´s a matter of Newton´s third law of motion: the guy share his sound, but not...
  14. RecifeShark

    Axe-Fx II Quantum 3.02 Firmware Release (3.01 We Hardly New Ye)

    What do you mean by "new models"? Axe 3?
  15. RecifeShark

    detune whole guitar 2 semis

    Hi, I´ve done a half down preset, maybe you could get it and copy the pitch block (ypu´ll have to adjust for another half step down). Here you are: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/evh-panama-preset.112737/#post-1358391
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