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Recent content by razorfish

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    George Lynch // Lynch Mob tone w/patch

    can this be converted for use with the MKII?
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    Song One Would Never Want To Hear Over The Airwaves Again... EVER!

    ugh. i cringe anytime i hear that dude
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    George Lynch/DOKKEN Plexi tone (Back For The Attack era-1987) - (w/ PATCH)

    hey roc, just for you... (he also has the head)
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    George Lynch/DOKKEN Plexi tone (Back For The Attack era-1987) - (w/ PATCH)

    roc, awesome stuff! quick question. just listened to your VH patch on soundcloud. is that anywhere for download? also, about a year or so ago i started following this guy on you tube - phenomenal player who strapped a camera to his headstock and then would shred all of these covers, which...
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    The first ever Extension Module for MFC-101 !

    damn! just when i thought i had a piece of highly coveted gear... snatch 'em up people. it opens up a new world of possibilities. glad to see you're back roady raze
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    axcellent !

    i can provide the location... again, if it is just a couple of peeps, then we could hang in the studio; however, any more and i would take it outdoors, the space of which would be very comfortable. beyond that, i know enough people that we might be able to hold it at a larger indoor space. let...
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    axcellent !

    i'd be down. i have a small studio i recently had built (full of fun toys!), and if he's in The D, I wouldn't mind hosting a couple peeps at my house to really - and finally - learn more about the axe. funeral, you down? razor
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    axcellent !

    where are you guys located? I'm in north oak cliff about 2 miles west of downtown. I've really not dived into the axe but would love to come observe to learn more. I'd be happy to get us all lunch or bring the beer. raze TexAxeSlinger, where are you , plano, frisco, ponder? maybe we could...
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    MFC-101 Modification: Making the best MIDI Controller in the world even better

    i was almost tempted to do this mod then remembered i got one of the last extensions from roadrunner. To the OP, way to pave the path! on a side, looks like sasha with stomp labels has a another line of magnets he could make (plug plug plug). i love mine raze
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    Get Yer 11.0 Beta Here!

    ...and exactly how loud do i have to get?
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    Get Yer 11.0 Beta Here!

    ok, updated to 11b solely to play the vh patch - it sounds hideous (said like the wife in the state farm commercial). should i make sure a previous fw's settings aren't at play? running into a matrix gt1000 2u and 2 Q12p thanks! raze
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    Steve Vai tone w sample ... what do u think ?

    nice job, openmind. not much of a vai fan but i must say, with that tone and vibe i might need to revisit. def post the patch. raze
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    MFC Availability 2013?

    got on the list mid-March and received my code last week - MFC-101 arrived on Monday! Finally. The MFC extension by Roadrunner also arrived the same day so all is right in my world... raze
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    Need help programing ext switches

    man, perfect timing - just received my extension monday eve and haven't hooked it up yet. at least half the work is done! btw extension looks awesome, roadrunner - great quality and is the perfect match to the MFC-101 raze
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