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Recent content by Ravaya

  1. Ravaya

    Rivergiant- Instrumetal track

    Heya all, this is Rivergiant from my latest e.p. "rifftard" All Axe II-xl Hope you guys enjoy Cheers Rav.
  2. Ravaya

    Testing my recording rhythm tone with the XL

    Thnx man. It was long overdue but the axe has really helped me get the tones in my head
  3. Ravaya

    Testing my recording rhythm tone with the XL

    Hello everyone. Will start recording an album shortly so I decided to do a tune with my main rhythm metal tone Hope you guys enjoy and let me know what you think Cheers Rav
  4. Ravaya

    axe 2 XL to PA (live camera sound-stock cabs-metal)

    To anyone interested, str8 to PA Cheers Rav
  5. Ravaya

    Short live clip showcasing in the room sound with a cab (metal, clean)

    A short live clip showcasing in the room sounds and the potential benefits of using the Axe Fx II sending 2 feeds: one to FOH and the other with cab sims off through the matrix gt1000fx to an on stage cabinet. In this case the cabinet was not miced so it was used for stage monitoring and for the...
  6. Ravaya

    Lydian Melodic Solo - Stel Andre

    Stel is smooth and rocks.
  7. Ravaya

    Into The Unseen - electro heavy rock with a bit of industrial maybe?

    I love it when I hear untraditional use of rhythm sound. Make it into a song mate. Great potential
  8. Ravaya

    New video (progmetal stock cabs)

    Ofc not. Tone is for sharing mate. The sound you re hearing is the n65 stock cab cali 4x12 coupled with the recto4x12 (oh) that used to be part of the stock cabs before quantum came out. it's replaced by the recto4x12m160 if I'm not mistaken. I mailed the nice people at fractal when it was...
  9. Ravaya

    New video (progmetal stock cabs)

    Heya all. This is Riverthane from my band Need XL with stock cabs Hope you enjoy Cheers Rav
  10. Ravaya

    Need - Hegaiamas (full prog album with axe 2 Xl stock cabs)

    So this is our album, will let it speak for itself. Hope you enjoy Have a wonderful year everyone Rav
  11. Ravaya

    Progmetal tune

    Thank you Sean. It's live drums :) We used samples to blend with the recorded sound but it's 90+ percent mic sound and a light touch of blend with the samples. Different stuff from different kits. Can't really remember. Will go to our engineer to do some playthroughs so when we open the project...
  12. Ravaya

    Progmetal tune

    This is the new lyric video from my band. All Axe 2 direct. Thought I'd post. Hope you guys enjoy. May 2017 be a wonderfull year for everyone Cheers Rav
  13. Ravaya

    Rehearsal video with Axe 2 +Matrix miced (heavy stuff)

    Hello all this a rehearsal video we did. Song is called Tilikum. Hope you all enjoy Cheers Rav
  14. Ravaya

    Need - Rememory (Axe II inside)

    Thnx shaunb Many thnx dropthesun and all you guys who took the time to give it a spin. Axe 2 was the only thing used to record all the guitar tones in the album. More stuff coming soon Cheers. Rav
  15. Ravaya

    Need - Rememory (Axe II inside)

    Hello all. This is Rememory, first track and video off our new album coming out January Hope you guys enjoy Cheers Ravaya
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